Trip: Rakov Škocjan

Yesterday we had this small trip to Rakov Škocjan where we walked.. :) It was fantastic, except I ended up all dirty because of my lovely dog. Oh well, I knew what I was getting when I wanted him. 
Sooo...  my white shirt got brown, but what the heck we had FUN! :D

Pictures tell more than 1000 words, so sit back and enjoy!

Evil smirk, right? xD

We had lots of fun ;)!

Hopefully this week will be also amazing.


  1. Vau, kakšne fotografije! In Pablo se je lahko dodobra znorel :)

  2. Wauuu kako lepe slike! In čudovitega psa imaš <3

  3. Amazing place! Your dog jumping is so funny!
    Ippressing macro shoots!

  4. Biba: Jaaa Pablo je norel. So pa fotke od dragega, ker meni se je ravno takrat odlocil crknit fotkic! Ok prve gobe so moje, ajde XD.

    With Love, Ana: Ja pes je divjak.. :P Mali norec!

    Alice: So true, that's a piece of heaven there.. And he's jumping because when he hardly touches the bottom he doesn't swim. Nope, he jumps away! LOL.


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