NOTD: Kiko Rosa Fenicottero 288

Today I have this gorgeous nail polish from Kiko. It was only 1,90€ and the bastards have raised the prices to almost 4€ now!

Anyway, I used two coats and no top coat, except on my ring finger.

Sun light


  1. OMG! That colour is gorgeous!

  2. Il prezzo normale degli smalti KIKO è di 3.90, poi per quasi 4 mesi vanno in saldo a 1.90, quindi non li chiamerei tanto bastardi, visto che non sono tenuti a mettere in saldo la merce...

  3. Hey, sorry about the previous comment, Google translated it. What I wanted to say is you shouldn't call KIKO bastards, since the normal price of those polishes is 3.90€. You bought them for 1.90 during a sale that lasts all summer. They have no obligations to discount their products, so there's no reason to call the company names for returning their products to their usual prices after the sales end.

  4. Flavia I understood it in italian too. I actually had no idea they were on sale. And for 4 months?! WtF..
    p.s. there's no need for such hostile messages.

  5. i absolute love kiko :) here in italy i've a kiko shop just around the corner and avery time i MUST buy something :D
    if u look in my blog, label: nails u should find a lot of photo about my kiko nailpolishes :)
    kisses!!! :D


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