MY first tattoo! Cherry Blossom


Yesterday I got my first tattoo! It's in a specific place, pretty painful I think..  but not so painful I'd cry! :P
The pain was there, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. I'm not sure if you know how it feels when you epilate your leg hair? Well it was a similar feeling, just more intense in some areas.

 (last photo is by Iva)

I can't wait for it to heal.. :P


  1. Congrats on your new tattoo!!! It looks great. I want to get some cherry blossoms too :)

    Thanks for sharing!



  2. prekrasen je <3, koliko pa te je stala tale krasna poslikava=)?

  3. This tattoo is amazing! Congrats! I really like the colors you chose!

  4. Alice: Thank you dear! I love pink xD!

    Lily Nail: Thank you girl!

    colorfulbottle: Ej samo 20€, ker sem sla za poskusnega zajcka vajenki Ivi :P (pri tammy tatto, ne vem vec kako se studio tocno klice, vcasih je bila v KP).

    Nusa: Hvala!

    Hardcore Makeup Junkie: Thank you! ^^ It really doesn't hurt that bad so go for it ;). I'd get another one, now that I know the pain is nothing special (I'm pretty sure it hurts more while you are epilating your legs).

    With Love, Ana: Lol, hvala! :D Ja je kjut, meni je ze hecno kako je lahko neki takega kjut..

  5. Oh, this is beautiful! Congrats to your lovely ans well-chosen tatt!


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