Haul; Bio Detox and some H&M Jewelery

Hi dears,

I've been shopping again. Whoops. But this is the last time this month, if I won't go by Lush. Hopefully I won't because I have still LOTS of Lush stuff at home. Damn! 

Anyway, I read lots of great stuff about this new Bourjois Bio Detox foundation. I especially liked that the color 51 matches my skin tone perfectly. It's amazing! And that it dries matte. I always have to use powder after my foundations but with it I don't have to.

I only tried it, so you'll have to wait some time for the review.

I also bought a mini Alessandro nail polish (Last Sunflower) because I saw this gorgeous yellow nail polish on its promo picture. But I'm suspecting they put white underneath it, because it needs 3+ coats for some opacity.

And of course my cheap, but great hand cream from Essence.

Bio Detox, Alessandro Mini Nail polish, Essence hand cream.

Alessandro promo picture:

From yesterday;

I actually bought the Manhattan eyelash curler, because there were no other, and I thought I'd need it for a job I did later that day - I did the MU for 4 ladies.
I did purchase also three things from essence (clear lip gloss, konad white nail polish, quick dry drops).
The Johnsons stuff are a freebie I got, because I spent more than 10€ since it was the first day that store was open (DM #2). 
They included a CD with baby songs on it (lullaby).

So.. from today...  :) I went to H&M where I wanted to get two pairs of jeggings. But since they had only one of those I liked, I decided to spend my other part of €, on some cheap jewelery..  :) Here's what I got.

(my ears were red, from all the changing of earrings)

The earrings aren't really bad, they have the finishing 'bee' and not like some cheap earrings that have a plastic cover or whatever it is.

And..   a bonus picture for you all! :) 

Pablo doing 'the dog' thing. He's such a sweetheart.



  1. Review na BioDetox nujno! :D Ga že nekaj časa gledam, pa še vedno vztrajam pri njegovem bratcu, Healthy Mix. :) Ta Manhattnov curler imam pa tudi jaz, samo mi je čuden, čudno ukrivljen. Sem se že parkrat dobesedno uščipnila -.-

    + Fouš za H&M stuff. ;)

  2. Upam in čakam na review Bio Detoxa. =) Aja, pa zadnja fotka zmaga. XD


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