I got bored, and decided to try and funky it up for the Illamasqua contest. I failed miserably, but I had fun! 
I also tried Kyrolan Aquacolor (violet GLOW) and it sucks. Honestly it does. It's supposed to be safe for eyes (I think?!) but it started burning like hell, so I took it off. I suppose it burned because of the perfume? I mean it's quite heavily scented.

Here it is :). I used Kyrolan Supracolors (6 basic colors - the cheapest one! :P).

No foundation (yay for uneven skin tone) :)).

The pictures are also creepy, but I was running out of sunlight :(. And when I finished my 2nd look (purple AND black) the sun went down. So I have no pictures of that one... bohooo!! 
Hopefully my contest entry will look better. But for that I need lots of practice...



  1. Is there a blog post with the above mentioned kryolan product somewere in you archive?

  2. Gone2RehabBRB: Sorry, not yet. I got it last week and decided to write about it only next week. So you'll have to wait one week more.. alright a couple of days ^^;

  3. Wiii, as long as it goes up eventually :) I'm a sucker for makeu-up porn posts


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