NOTD: Color Club Tangerine Scream (Electro Candy LE)

Hi lovelies!

Today I have a new nail polish for you! It's color club Tangerine Scream from the Electro Candy LE.
It's gorgeous, mostly in sunlight, in shadow it's so-so. But in sun is amazing, as all the neon color shines through!

The application was fine, I used 3 coats, and could use a 4th one (VNL still showing). But the apply is sloppy simply because I bumped my nails in stuff SO many times, that I had to reapply it like 6 times. And of course I got annoyed after that.

As you can see, shitty apply. I'm ashamed of it, but at the same time in RL it's not all that visible. Honestly I don't care, I need to get a new top coat. One that dries fast! :<

It's wild!

I like how it shines in a light green color. It's orange but it has tiny green shimmer in it. Divine! 


  1. Woaah to ti je barva. :D Men je hudo. :))

  2. Such a fun and energetic color! We're having a heat wave here and I think I'll put this color on - it'll match the weather! Sizzling hot!


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