New template, EOTD and new color of hair!


First.. have you noticed my new template?
I counted the votes, and Pink and Purple had the same number of votes. So I picked up purple.
So.. :D How do you like it? 

I like it a lot, if not,.. well I'd change it. 

Next time, I'll try to make something more gyaru fashion inspired.  Because those blogs are a joy to look at... 

Lets move on to my today's EOTD..

I used:
  • P2 shimmery brown eyeshadow all over my lids,
  • Dr. Dima's Cosminology Astro Hot (reddish brown) in my crease,
  • Fyrinnae Polar Bear in the corners of my eyes.
  • MaxFactor 2000kcal mascara

And last but not least.. my new hair color! It's more red based, than was the last one. Sadly that last one, didn't last long enough.. 
Plus I think this one suits me better, it gives life to my hair.. 

Comments would be appreciated ;).



  1. love the template as purple is my favourite colour! love the look too! :)

  2. Oh! I thought I was in the wrong page! :D I like the new template. I think it matches your new hair color. You're looking gorgeous as always but I do think it'll take a while to get used to this shade :) Nevertheless, beautiful!

  3. Thifa: Thank you! It's actually my 2nd time coloring my hair in a darker shade.. and so far I'm loving it :D!

    Julie: Yay for purple and thank you!

  4. Tamara, you are so beautiful! I love the new blog template by the way. Purple's my favorite color!

  5. Super predloga in tvoja nova barva las ti lepo pristoji :)

  6. amazing! the bronze palette looks good on your skin and hair! :)

  7. JuLiAnnE: Thank you, Should I add anything to it?

    Biba: Hvala! :D Samo odkar imam novo predlogo imam manj ljudi gor.. :o

    The Perpetrator: Thank you dear, you're too kind.


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