Another haul, this time mostly jewelery


Today I did it again.. I went shopping.. whoops! 

I bought jewellery, and some other essential stuff...  :D

First the jewellery...  
The huge ring is from TopShop, and the other stuff is from Müller. Accessories stuff.. :)
I absolutely love the small engagement ring necklace. It's so funny!
I also got two anklets, which say Best Friends, but since I don't have a bff, I'll keep them both :P!

And two shirts from yesterday..

AnnChristine, 10€

H&M, 10€

I hope you had a wonderful day..  :)


  1. i love all the jewelries! :)


  2. Aaaa, ta ogromni prstan je hud!!! Čeprav mene bi totalno motil. :(

  3. Maestra: Jaz sem ista... Sem si kupila veeelik turkizni prstan, ampak me moti.
    Samo tale, ceprav je velikanski, me sploh ne moti? .o

    Tessa: Thank you!

    Iloveshopping: Thank you too!

  4. I love the anklets!


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