Some new items..

I wanted to post these yesterday but I forgot...
I also have a couple of reviews to post up too, especially the Beacuon Shimmer Gray lenses review. I had all the pictures edited when I forgot that I need the same pictures without the copyright mark on them ahh! Now I need to retake them :/

Anyway, this is from last month.. :)  I was a good girl..  kind of.

 Kenkai Protagonist (Okay this was from May)

TonyMoly Lip Stain (Red Apple)

Seche Vite Topcoat

Cadeavera wash gel

Müller Jojoba oil

Orofluido hair elixir

(there were 3 samples but I gave one away)

Have a nice day,


  1. Hudo. :Đ
    - Reviewčke prosim. :D

  2. How do you use the lip stain?
    I have difficulty using mine >__<

  3. Nusa ann: Ja en dan se bom spravila delat revieve.. :P

    Mandy: I dot it on my lower and upper lips and then smudge with my finger. But I'm usually going for a 'bitten' look.


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