NOTD: Jessica VIP Room

It's been a while since I posted my last NOTD. For one week I was rocking this glitter manicure, but then my nails broke. Then I changed it and forgot to take pictures. Now my nails are short and since I was deciding which nail polish to put on..  I picked out three neon colors, but then decided to try on the nail polish that I have been neglecting since I got it back in January (part of the Bday gift from my dear).

It's called  Jessica VIP Room, and I absolutely hated it in the bottle. It looks as it has a frost finish and blue tones in it. And I don't really like frost finish plus blue tones with pink. No No. 
But since I got it from my dear... I felt kind of sad for this nail polish.. I mean my dear knows I love pink, but he doesn't really know WHICH pink.

So...  Here it is, in all its glory!
One bottle costs about 11€, which honestly is a lot. Especially for a nail polish you don't like...
But luckily...  It turned out that I LOVE it! It may seem ugly in the bottle, but on the nails it seems to come to life (probably because of the frost finish too). 

I think it's the closest color to Barby Pink. At least for me.

It is also very summery, and fresh. A great thing also. I think I applied 3 thin coats, over a base of skin colored nail polish. It's pretty sheer, but it's buildable. Also It dries tremendously FAST! If I could, I would put only two thicker coats, but... I couldn't! It dried before I even thought about putting a second coat on! 
And I usually stop just to do my other hand and then start polishing the first hand again. So.. yes it dries fast.



Sun close up

Natural light

Artificial light

I like it better in the sun :).
Enjoy your evening, dear readers!

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