NOTD: Essence Crazy Me (CaC)

On Monday (or was it Sunday?) I put on this teal color from the Essence Trend Edition Crazy about Colour.
I must say that it wears well, but I don't really like it (maybe because I'm currently in a warm color period instead of greens).

Anyway here it is. My cuticles look like...  well you can imagine, because I didn't really take care of them.  I actually had other stuff to do. :)  Excuse the white tips, but after so many days it's quite natural.

 Crazy Me


I won't be around until the 3rd of May, because we have a holiday on May 1st and I'm going away for a couple of days. 
Enjoy your weekend girls (and boys)!



  1. uf lepa barva ampak je meni lepša ne- mat =)

  2. I'm not matte fan, so I like glossy version better.
    Have fun on your mini holidays.


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