Nail Art Stuff

Today I decided to post my stuff with which I do nail art. I didn't include my nail art brushes (I forgot) and my nail art polishes (1, or 2) and the Essence plates. But I included everything else...

* Essence glitter (to make franken polishes or just to add on top of the nail)
* Essence nail art pen (with magnetic tip)
* Kitchen sponge for sponge nail art (that's why it is massacred!)
* Essence tips stickers (the black lace ones)
* 2 Sheets of regular round stickers for clip clap folders (yeah I count these as nail art stuff)
* 20 Sheets of stickers
* Wheel of 3600 regular rhinestones (clear)
* Whell of 4 different sized pearls
* Some random rhinestones (tears, stars, etc) in the small plastic square jar
* 12 different shapes of fimo clay, cut in smaller parts 

With most of this stuff I need to apply a clear nail polish before I put them on (like fimo clay or pearls) and after I put them on again (stickers, glitter).

How big is your nail art collection?


  1. mine is kinda small compare to yours, as i just started on konad nail art last wk.. still pretty much enjoying it though. def buidling up my collection!


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