Today it was PIZZA time!

It's been really a while since I baked something, and even longer since I made pizza. 
That's why it's not as pretty as it could be, but I couldn't care less because I just wanted to eat pizza!

I topped it with tomato sauce, mozzarella and mushrooms. The topping burned a bit, because I was waiting that the dough turns golden. It never did, so I just took it out. The actual size was 2x the size on the picture..  
The truth is that we ate half of it, before I remembered to take pictures..

Yumm, yumm!


  1. Ooh that looks yummy!!! I'm salivating now.

  2. Delicious loooking. My Mom used to make homemade pizza. It was better than anything I've ever eaten.

  3. Hahahaha kdove zakaj se ti gušta domača pica ... lahko bi vsaj linkala na moj recept ne ... :P

  4. Ida: That happens to me every time I see food pictures xD

    Becky: Yum, thank you!

    Lucy: Yah, home made pizza is really good tasting. Better than anything else <3!

    Helena: Nisem delala po tvojem receptu ampak po receptu iz kulinaricne slovenije ;).

  5. Hahaha in kje si dobila idejo? :P

    Pero moja je bla boljša ... mm :D

  6. That looks really good! Now I'm craving pizza with mushrooms!


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