I Love Love Strawberries!

I know that you realized that I love pineapples, but you probably had no idea that I love strawberries too!
The great thing is that I can eat as much as I want of them, because I get no allergic reactions. Wohoo!!

Yesterday they had this super deal on strawberries in a local store. Usually 1kg of strawberries is about 8€ (which is pretty expensive), but here they had this deal going on so it was less than 4€ for 2kg! Wohoo! :D And they were YUM YUM!

Yum, yum!

I know that this is completely random, but bright pictures make me happy. Especially if there's something fresh on it. And strawberries are pretty fresh :)!

I ate a whole bowl of them.. no need to say that I'm stuffed!

Enjoy your evening dear readers.



  1. I love fruit too yummy those strawberries look great!

  2. They do look rather delectable!! I wish I had some too. I have had some rather disappointing strawberries lately. In the UK, we're eating nasty moroccan strawberries that are not sweet in the least...D=

    In fact I had some strawberries so terrible that they ended up in a strawberry and apple crumble. What a waste of otherwise delicious and juicy fruit!!

    Actually I think my favourite fruit has to be CHERRIES!!! But pineapple doesn't come too far behind, although it makes my tongue a bit numb if it's not soaked in salty water first (to denature the enzymes which make your tongue numb).

  3. Caramel Diva: They are! YUM! They were so good that I wish I could have some now.

    Jian: I think my fav fruits are cherries too! But the fresh ones, not the late ones. I don't like them too sweet.
    These were Spanish strawberries and were really sweet, which is good since some are really nasty.

    If I'd make a list of my fav fruits it'd be:
    1. Cherries
    2. Wild strawberries
    3. Cantaluope melons
    4. Pineapple
    5. Strawberries

  4. Strawberries are my favorite fruit too!!! I just love the bright colors and the sweetness of it!

    My favorite fruit list would be:

    1. Strawberries
    2. Cherries
    3. Grapes
    4. Pineapple
    5. Banana


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