NOTD: Ruffian Manicure with Man Glaze

Yesterday I just had to try the new IT manicure. And with what else than with a Man Glaze nail polish?

Sadly, I have just one picture, but for the first try I think it is okay. I absolutely love the Matte Is Murder nail polish. It's very pigmented and it has a matte finish!

Well I will tell you more about Man Glaze nail polishes next time, but you can buy them here.


Oh and I really need longer nails, lol!

Now they look chubby (tho not in RL).

How do you like this new style of manicure? I know it looks pathetic on my nails, but on long nails it looks just simply divine!


  1. Actually I think it looks quite cool! I completely agree, it would look great on long nails =) I love the colours too!

  2. Oh! What do you think about Matte-Astrophe? Or am I the only person who can't make it work? :(


  3. Thank you girls! Hopefully my nails will grow longer so I will be able to post a nice ruffian manicure! And thank you so much for all of your comments! <3

    Guida: What is wrong with your Astrophe? :o Mine applied like a dream.

  4. My Astrophe always crackles ;_; And I've heard lots of people saying the same. I even did a giveway with ManGlaze, and the girl who received the Astrophe complains has this exact same problem :( Is there a new formula? These ones came to my hands in December.


  5. Guida wow really?!
    Mine didn't crackle at all! I got white tips very quickly, and it chips quickly but that is pretty much it.. o.O
    I got mine back in February.


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