NOTD: Essence Naughty but Nice (Cute as Hell)

Today I want to show you the brightest of the polishes from this collection. I finally managed to get all of them, so when I will try everyone, I will post them in one entry.

Here it is!
(artificial light)

(natural light)

(artificial light)

I love this color, it is actually my first yellow nail polish. It goes on easily, but I felt like polishing my nails for the first time, because of the somehow thick formula.
But other than that, I had no problems!


  1. That is a beautiful color on you!

  2. It's so cute. So this Spring. :))

  3. So sweet and pretty! I love yellow!

  4. Zelo ti paše.

    Jaz sem ga tudi danes dobila in komaj čakam, da ga dam na nohte. :))
    Mi je zelo všeč in tako kot tvoj je to tudi moj prvi rumeni lakec. :)

  5. oOoOo.. pretty color. How much does Essence nail polishes cost by the way? And where can you get them. Because I still love the ones you sent me.

  6. super uzgledajo na krajših nohtkih! kot bonbončki so! =)

  7. Tamara tale rumena je prekrasna. In paše ti!

  8. glidedangel: Thank you! I absolutely love this color!

    VaidaG: So true! Pastels are the thing this spring.

    Gaby: Thank you! Yellow is def. a sunny color <3.

    Tassa: Ooooo sem vesela zate, ker je res krasen! Sem pa imela nekaj problemov z nanosom, kaj pa vem zakaj.. aja ker proti rozastemu je ta precej pigmentiran.

    InnovativeEssence: They are about 1,80€ here. Super cheap but still great nail polishes! You can get them in Europe, I am not sure if anywhere else?

    Mancina se štima: Hahaa, ja kratki nohti so kot bomboncki, hihi hvala! *

    Anna: Hvala, mene ful spominja na pomlad.. upam da jo priklice! :D


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