NOTD: Essence Caribbean Sea MATTE

Yesterday I wanted to paint my nails, since they started layering again. I was trying some polishes, but then decided to go with this gorgeous color.. Essence Caribbean Sea, which you can see here. But as if the color itself wasn't good enough, I decided to use my Essie Matte About You over it. With it, it got this lovely satin finish.. I like it, I only wish I had longer nails ;). Flash light + sweet stuff I shouldn't be eating: Natural light: I love the matte effect, but sometimes my polish will chip faster with this top coat, because it creates some hard parts next to the skin. I cannot explain it, but something it happens and it's really annoying. So, which one is better - matte or glossy?


  1. how many coats do you have on? it looks quite thick, maybe that could be the reason for chipping.

  2. Duckalicious: One coat of base coat (thin), another thin coat of nail polish (essence) and a thin coat of Essie Matte About You.

    My nails are thick ;).

  3. Ahh! It looks really nice =D

    And I heard that the matte stuff chips a lot. Even OPI doesn't recommend it as a normal manicure and suggests it for special occasions to make a fashion statement ><

  4. Such a nice vibrant color! I'm still not brave enough to wear these colors in public =[

  5. Lisa: You should try. It's really fun, since if you are bored you can just stare at your nails and wonder about its color... :) It can be fun!

    Two days ago I saw a car that was the exact color than my nails were. Plus no one cares about your nails :/.. I wore neon colors, and noone said anything.

    Jian: Oh, I didn't know that. That's just.. sad >.< I wanted to wear them matte every single day! But now I know, eh... sad! Thank you!


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