Pleasant surprise..

Today my dear surprised me.. a lot. He got me something I was dreaming of, for a while now.. Let me introduce you 'Baby' aka Canon SX 200 IS in Red. Yeah, red.

I wanted to test it out, but I got home pretty late from work, and outside it was already dark.. so maybe another day :). This one will be for all those trips when it is so damn annoying to bring with you another huge bag just for your camera and lenses. Have a lovely day.. Tamara


  1. What a nice camera! I can't wait to see what kind of pictures it will take!

  2. Ooooh It's sooooo pretty. Canon cameras are awesome . Mine is a Canon Powershot A480. :)

  3. Aww, that's so sweet of your dear!! It looks great and I love the red color

  4. Nice camera! Hope you take some nice polish pictures with it.

  5. lease let me know how it is.. i need a new camera thats small, good quality BUT takes flattering photos. Any suggestions around the £150-£200 mark. My Exilim camera makes me and my friends look so so ugly in photos!!!!


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