Essence LE Ethno Couture

Okay... I went shopping. I went to check if there's anything new from the Essence Line, and there it was! I firstly went there with the intention to grab some goodies for some girls who sent me packages, but then the items I had in mind, weren't there :(. Hm hm hmm... I wonder. Since I'll get both 88 palettes (Shimmer and Matte), what will I do with the only-swatched) Essence trio palette? Any ideas girls? Another giveaway? Would anyone want it, actually? Okay to the pictures! 

My haul: 

*Pads for compact powder *Manhattan compact powder *Essence LE Ethno Couture blush palette *Essence LE Ethno Couture trio eyeshadow *Essence LE Ethno Couture lip gloss pencil x2 *Essence rosewood sticks (for nail cuticle) *Essence LE Ethno Couture blotting paper *Essence LE Ethno Couture AYADA nail polish *Essence INSIDER nail polish *Essence BEST FRIENDS nail polish *Essence eyebrow designer pencil

I bought those pads because I didn't read the part that said 'pad is inside on the bottom', oh well! I like using compact powder for matting my face. That's the only thing that prevents me from getting oily in summer. I usually used Isadora compact powder, but I decided to try something new. The new one feels a bit heavier on my face tho. As a barrier, but it works. I hope this doesn't clog my pores. I picked the eye brows designer pencil because it's in a lighter shade that my eyebrow shades are.

LE (without the nail polish):

Packaging of the blush:

the packaging of the palette:


Swatch of the palette (light one):

Two eye shadows are really pigmented, the purple and yellow. But the green is really light, interesting huh? I had swatched the blusher too, but the picture was really bad, so it will be for the next time.
Lip pencils:

I really like the orange one, it's very light and moisturizing. Cute! I hope it doesn't melt in my purse...
Nail polishes:

First one is: 26 Best friends; Second one: 46 Insider; Third one: 03 Ayada

I must say that I don not enjoy buying makeup so much as I did. But on the second hand, I LOVE Internet shopping.... That's one of the reasons why I put money on the account that has Paypal only when I need it for buying. And when I know what am I buying. Which makes me want to have all the circle lenses available, even if I get scared of myself. A new obsession? Perhaps... But I really should invest in clothes :) What about you girls, what was your last haul? xoxo, Tamara


  1. I really like the packaging! the blush palette looks really nice xo


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