I probably live on the moon

Yah.. I mean... I just read about Ulzzang (best face). Wtf? So thooose are the cute girls? Great! But I don't get it why some people can't stand them. They're super cute and I like those poses! The second thing I learnt is that Japanese people don't mind crooked teeth. And some find it even cute. They call those yaeba. I think that's great because if they don't bother the owner (I mean the teeth) why should other people be disturbed by them? And then I read about one of the most known Ulzzang. I think. Her name is Magibon and she has lots of well senseless videos on youtube. But she's cute in that angle. She has crooked teeth, but she's still cute. :) I just wanted to share this with you girls.. Just because I think it's interesting, and because it's so much different then the stuff I learned here. Haahaha I wanna be cute too! But like 'wearable' cute here. Tho one thing is getting popular here. Scene kids. I know they've been popular all over the world for the past couple of years (two?), but kids here didn't put up that kind of look. They were just emo and looked like punk people. But now I see those gorgeous girls with the scene look around. Awesome! I hope other people will try to be and look how they really want to! ;) Cya! ♥ P.S. Those pictures do not belong to me, but to their respectful owners.


  1. these girls are very pretty i love there style

  2. lol! ive seen that ULZANGGG word around but never knew what they meant or what it is!!

  3. haaa cute so! uni cudni zobi tudi nekateri :D

  4. I like ulzzangs..they look like dolls..I think haters don't like them because they can't be as cute as them so they are jealous haha *peace* ^_^

  5. zadna so pa moje kopalke in povšter :D


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