Prize package from Australia!

Today I received my prize package from Em (too much blush). I somehow managed to win her giveaway and received two items from Illamasqua! I could hardly believe that I got the package from Australia sooner than my orders from China xD! Anyhow, thank you so much darling for the package! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Of course I teared it apart as soon as I could: Inside there was this green package.. And when I opened it, I found these: So pretty!: I was absolutely shocked when I realized that the nail polish was actually NEON! OMG I love neon nail polishes! I will post swatches ASAP. The highlighter is pretty too, I tried it on my hand and when it dried it hardly got off! I mean I had to rub it, scratch it and at least I used soap - which worked! So thank you so much! I will use these items with a bunch of love and joy!

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  1. awww waiting for the swatch !haha
    lucky u !


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