Packages in the mail!

YAY more packages! Today I got four packages, and honestly I was so overexcited that I ripped them apart before I even remembered to take pictures! Here is everything I got: (the contact lenses are already opened on this picture.. xD I had it on! lol) Eyelashes curlier: ( I tried it and it works perfectly!) HK necklace: close up: (Super cute in RL) Cell phone case x2: (my phone is already dressed ahah... + it has the screen protector which I got in this package too!) Close up of the back side: front side: So I got; 1st package: *2x hot pink cell phone case (E71) *Screen protector for E71 *Cell phone neon thingy (ornament) 2nd package: *Geo Angel Green contact lenses *Regular contact lenses case 3rd package: *Eyelashes curlier 4th package: *HK necklace *cloth pouch for the necklace in green Oh right, lol.. the thing the items are on is my newest HK bed sheet... I can't wait to get the complete set! :)


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