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I told my dear, that I will write something about him and his blog. He's a photographer, but even if he does have a business regarding photography, it's more like a hobby since it's really hard to earn a living with photography here :). He asked me to make him a portfolio website, and well I am so picky and detailed when it comes to stuff that I do for others, so I didn't manage to finish it in time. Instead of that, I made him a blog. This way it will be so much easier for him to upload stuff on!

Don't get me wrong, he has a business website already, but he was not alone in it at first so they made a website together :). So now he wants a portfolio on his own! I'll do it ._.! One day <.<

He's mostly into fetish photography, nudes, artistic portraits and sports. Here and there I help him, by taking pictures of some events with him, by giving him some ideas, assisting him etc. I do photo shoots alone without him too, but just as a hobby ;)).

Sometimetimes when I browse the web I see his pictures stolen.. it angers me! No one cares to give him credit! 
momentum 2008:



His favorite sport to take pictures of, is sailing:


Miss Slovenije (2007-2009, yes two years) Tadeja Ternar, a picture for her calendar:
A picture that was 'stolen' so many times.. he took it a couple of years ago, and it was used as a dance festival promotion thing.

Of course, all pictures are (c) Copyright to Luka Rebol. 

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