Contest Entry: Favorite Character

I decided to enter Kawaiikao's contest! I love reading books and one of my fav is surely the HP saga. After that comes the Sabriel trilogy and The dark matter trilogy and of course the Twilight saga. I love reading, because this is my way of relaxing. My ideal evening is chilling out with a book. The thicker the book is, the better! I wanted to do Sabriel, but then again.. I couldn't think of a make up SHE would wear! Plus that one would be really dark.. Instead I picked up Hermione Granger, because she's been an inspiration for me.. She's cute, really smart and nice! I think she's a tiny bit vain, tho most people wouldn't agree with me. I love how she's willing to help everyone! Since this is a make up contest, I put on the make up I would chose if I were her. It's all pretty neutral with a tad of purple. I wanted to have nude lips, but since I don't own any nude lipstick I used some corrector and a tad of a pink lipstick.. it didn't work all that well! Here is about 30 degrees Celsius and putting on two long shirts was a nightmare... I was sweating heavily in five minutes! So I decided to take everything off, and go for a more casual summer look of her! I mean, she has to dress casual during the summer vacation, no? ;) 

  Most of the pictures are clickable! As a good student..


  posing some more.. Casual look but still fighting for house elves rights!

this could work as a campaign picture! :P


  Make up:
  Close up:
  What I used:

  +House of etude Mineral BB cream + No name blusher +Essence brows shadow +Manhattan corrector on lips +Cute as hell purple eyeshadow +no name neutral palette +S-he pink lipstick +Essence brown kajal pencil +Isadora blotting powder +L'oreal Collagen mascara +Essence brows mascara


  1. looks pretty~ circle lens looks so good on you~ love the first photo~ <3

  2. I tagged you in my last post.. its just a small thing.

    I LOVE THIS LOOK! Very Hermione :))

  3. You did such a nice job, I didn't enter this contest because I couldn't think of anything. but good luck! :)

  4. pssh of course hermione is a bit vain XD

    i really love your hair.. :P


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