Robyn's Nest June Contest aka giveaway

I will just copy-paste the info:
  • You must be a nester (aka *follower*) to enter.
  • You may enter each contest up to 3 times! In order to enter, you must post about my contest on your blog or other social network site like facebook, twitter or myspace. You must include a valid link to my contest within your post. Then, just e-mail me your name (include your blog id name if that's what I know you as) and the information about where I can find your post(s) about my blog contest with "Robyn's Nest June Contest" in the subject line and I will add your entry(ies) into the contest.
  • For this first contest, entries will be accepted beginning the first day I post about the prize (will be coming shortly) and the last entry will be accepted at 11:59 p.m. June 16.
  • All valid entries will be placed into a random drawing. The drawing will be held on June 17 and the winner will be announced that same day in a blog post entitled "Wednesday's Winner."
You can find her here.

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  1. There is also a full-size polish and Paris note paper as part of the prize. Please visit my blog post for the full contest details.

    Tamara: I just posted a new blog entry about my email. Sorry you weren't able to find it.

    Contest Prize photos URL: (just cut/paste)


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