Random info about me!

I actually wasn't tagged, but it seemed like fun! Where are you from? Slovenia Why did you start blogging? I loved all those beauty and fashion blogs which all inspired me and decided to do it myself because it looked like fun, plus I wanted to finally 'finish a project'. What's the main aim of your blog? To share my thoughts and make friends. :) What's your favourite beauty blog? There are way too many, I actually love ALL of them! Do you make YouTube videos? No. If yes/no why? There are too many haters out there, haahah.. I actually love writing more plus no one would understand what am I saying on youtube :P. Who's your favourite YouTuber? Xsparkage and petrilude! Have you participated in a make up swap? Nope. If not, will you? I would love to!! Are you more about skin/hair/make up/nails? It goes this way one day it's more about skin the other more about make up and hair then about nails.. it's a mixture! What's your favourite brand? Hmmm Essence I guess. But only when it comes to cheap nail polish, for mineral make up it's Lime Crime and for foundation it's Revlon etc.. What's your make up must have? A blusher, a nice foundation a mascara and some neutral palette, that's all I would need. Ahaha.. What's your hair must have? Jojobe oil and L'oreal anti fuzz spray! Plus the purple shampoo from John Frieda. Current beauty obsession: Bronzers. And lippies. OMG. Are you happy with how you look? Not really. The sad truth is that I want to be skinny! D: What would you like to see more of in beauty blogs? Well nothing in particular, maybe more office looks / nails and I would love to see more Slovenian bloggers! How big is your beauty collection? Quite big and growing, but atm on a pause! Which is good! Do you own any MAC pro palettes? No. :( Have you ever been sent free products (excluding prizes/swaps) and if so where from? Only testers which I ordered (for free). Which company would you love to receive products from (hint hint!): MAC, Skin Food, Misha, some other Asian brands and Essie and Opi and hmm.. damn there are too many! Have you ever won a beauty contest and if so, who hosted it? No :( What's your next planned beauty purchase? Clothes. Lots of them, since I'm doing my project 20 pan. And then Maybelline Angel Fit! Twitter Username: CherryColors I will not tag anyone because the last time I did it, no one cared! So if it looks like fun to you, go ahead and do it! ^^ But wait a minute... I tag one beauty blogger who kind of just started blogging: http://cosmeticstuff.blogspot.com/ Tag, you're in! Oh right, please do read the post about Igoogle and me asking for beauty contests all over blogspot? I'd love to enter some contest so if you know about ANY, please do link me?
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