NOTD: S-he 204

A couple of days ago I wanted to give my nails some color, but not too much. So I decided to give a try at this nail polish I've got for a month or so and never tried it! I was sure my bf would love it since it's a pretty natural color. Well he did, he said it makes him want to eat my fingers there hehe... It's a quite interesting color, something like coffee macchiato or choco macchiato, yummy! It makes my hands look strange because it's a bit darker than my skin is, but if you look quickly it seems that I have no fingernails! On the pictures, there are three thicker layers on top of Essie fill the gap.

Outside light:
she 204 

I had this one on till today. A couple of minutes ago my sis told me to try her S-he 427. I put it on just right on the 204. I guess it can work as a base, it's creamy anyway. The pictures will come tomorrow with the Essence nail spray review. I'm testing it right now ;).

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