NOTD: Essence Superstar

My nail of the day! I love this color, it's gentle pink with a frost finish. Okay, I don't like the frost finish, because I don't like to see the brush stripes or w/e, but it's still pretty! It's so pretty that I colored my toe nails with it too! natural light: Photobucket shadow: Photobucket flash light: Photobucket Two layers. I absolutely love it! I think it makes look prettier my skin tone, doesn't it?


  1. Wow this is a very pretty pink color!

  2. This kind of pink must look great on toe nails! I like to color them bright (=

  3. thats soo pretty,
    i wish my nails were as pretty at urs :)

  4. Thanks girls! I hate it when my nails start chipping or breaking in layers.. That's the 2nd reason why I use nail polishes ;).
    The first is, that I love colors ^^.


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