Contest Entry: Disney contest - Tinkerbell

I wanted to do a simple contest entry for the beginning.. And I thought that the Disney themed was perfect for it! On a second thought.. most girls made some awesome make up looks, so I don't stand a chance, ahahah... Anyway Tinkerbell has a really simple and clean look. Photobucket I may overdid it, but I love exaggerating.. uh. This was my 2nd time ever to use false lashes! yay for me! This is the first time you'll actually see my full face. Oh nooo! I was thinking if that's a good idea, but hell, why not?! I didn't use any foundation as for it, but I used the mushroom BB cream instead. I didn't have any green dress/shirt so I got just semi like portrait photos. (click on the pictures for view the full size!) I am not naked, I am just wearing a tank top. Here are the items I used (of course the lashes are not exact the same as I used, because I'm wearing them ahemm..) * Blush brush * Small crease brush * Bigger eyelid brush * False lashes * Two shades of brown from the no brand palette * No brand blusher in orange * Gosh trio eyeshadow - I used the lightest color for the highlight * Black Essence pencil * Black Essence eyeliner * L'Oreal Collagene mascara * Maybelline lipstick in 411 Windsor Rose (which is almost exactly the same color as my lips are naturally) The Disney contest can be found here: Click me! I am not sure about it, but okay.. I tried ;). The photos are a courtesy of my dear.


  1. i think it looks awesome! and the implied naked-ness is just like tinkerbell-lol

  2. I used to hate tinkerbell when I was little because I thought she was mean in Peter Pan, but now she's one of my favorites, hehe

    Very cute look.

  3. Aw! Tinkerbell! You're cute! Nice makeup!

  4. qll :) me pjaze frizura :) kako si nardila?

  5. Helena.. to je cisto navadna figa :D! Na dveh fotkah je navadna figa, na zadnji pa je razkustrana, ker ni stala tako visoko, ker nimam toliko dolge lase + sem postrizena na stopnice.

  6. I think you did a great job and you DO stand a chance on winning!
    What mushroom bb cream did you use? Is it the one from The Skin Food? Looks like it blends very well with your skin tone!

  7. so neat and pretty!! i love the eyes.. it looked really wearable.. :D

  8. I used the Skin Food Mushroom BB cream (I have the Ginko cream from the same brand), but I would love to try out some other BB creams too.
    But not now, I'm on a 20 pan project...

    It actually was really wearable, it's just that I don't like the feeling of falsies on my eyelids, ew! I can't get used to it, but I guess that it's actually easy to get used to it.. Is it?

  9. awww!
    you look like a doll!
    very gorgeous!

    in fact you look like alicia silverstone!

  10. WOW you are STUNNING!!!! Absolutley stunning! I love it! You really do look like a real live TINK! Thankyou so much for entering, you are a champion :)


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