NOTD: Essie Status Symbol

Yesterday I was feeling a bit lazy, but I still wanted to put some fancy nail polish on my nails. I wanted a brownish color because of the weather (It's weird, raining here and there), but then I decided that I'll put on some bright colors, so I won't be moody but just plain happy because of the vivid colors.

I went for the Essie Status Symbol. This one is one of my all time Fav!

I love the vivid pink color, and it has a fantastic name. Status Symbol. My dear joked that if I had to show my paylist... ha ha ha, not funny!

Since I was feeling lazy, I didn't apply any base coat, that's why I had to apply three layers of the polish. And it's still not 100% opaque, but it builds up the color, which is really pretty, it goes a bit neon or it does at least on my pale skin.

Anyhow I suppose two layers would be good enough if you applied the base coat first. Otherwise the white tips still see through the color :(.

Ahhh it's so bright that I don't care about the weather anymore!

Inside light:

Flash light:

Outside light (not sun):

The polish itself is really creamy, and because of that I had no problems with the apply.
I can't stress enough how much I love this color!

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