Nuxe testers haul

Today I didn't expect to receive anything, even less to buy something.
But I did! Not buy, but I got from my dear all those nice Nuxe testers. He got it from a friend who is doing today Nuxe promotion. Pretty cool, because I've never tried anything from Nuxe.


That's a LOT of testers, yay! Now let us see what's in there.





Pretty cool. I can't wait to try the colored face cream and the tanning body lotion. And of course the hands cream. I'm still looking for my perfect hand cream.

Ahhh I should really write a review since I have so many things to review ._.

Anyhow, a little bit of info about Nuxe.

NUXE is made of the unique fusion of Nature, Efficacy, and Luxury.
Since its founding in 1957, NUXE has been praised all over the world. Few brands in cosmetics history had so many legendary products and awards.

Nature and Boldness

  • An average of 80%* of ingredients are of natural origin
  • Constant discoveries of rare and precious plant-based active ingredients
  • Innovating cosmetological concepts
Efficacy and Authenticity

  • Optimum concentrations of pure active ingredients
  • Extracts of patented active ingredients, confirmed through tests
  • Exclusive and patented active
Luxury and Sensuality
  • Exquisite fragrances
  • Enchanting names
  • Divine application…
  • incomparable textures

I've tried the Self Tanning Body Lotion and it had a weird smell while applying it, but now it smells really nice, kind of gentle. But unfortunately, in the tester, there was not enough product for me to cover my legs too. Ah.

I've also tried the Colored Face Mask and I'm loving it! It smells really refreshing and it adds you a little glow. Pretty!

Aaaand I've also tried the Foot Cream which is pretty dense, as those creams use to be, it smells nice and it leaves baby like skin. Great! So far I like them all!

I gave some of them to my sister. But I tried the foot cream which worked really well plus it had some lovely smell. I also tried the face mask which is kind of gentle but it made my face a bit of itchy and it smelled like those old creams, ew! I also tried the eye cream and it lasted me soo long, I liked it, but I do believe that there are better products for a lower price!
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