How to Wear Shapewear to Easily Create a Perfect Body Shape

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

The belly bulge is a drama for many women. It looks unflattering and definitely messes up your appearance. A bulging belly can be caused by many factors, including genetics, lifestyle and stress. Actually, you can remove it with a healthy diet and regular exercise. But, in reality, it takes a very long journey to get there. So, can we take a quicker and simpler way, please? Yes, of course!

It is shapewear, which is the key to getting a flawless body shape easily. It has the ability to compress your body, especially the stomach and waist. The compression can hide bulges, flatten your stomach and sculpt your waistline at the same time. Shapewear not only provides contouring benefits, but is also easy to wear.

Simple tricks like wearing shapewear undergarments or wearing tummy control shapewear, in fact, can give you a flat stomach and a curvy waistline in a matter of seconds. Wearing a shaping bodysuit as a top can also smooth out your figure and elevate your appearance. This way is definitely much quicker than diet and exercise. It is also much cheaper and safer than any aesthetic procedure. So, if you want to gain more confidence and get a smooth silhouette every day, follow these five simple tips!

1. Wear Seamless Body Shaper Under Your Clothes

If you want a bulge-free silhouette, wear tummy control shapewear under your outfit. Tummy control shapewear works by holding in your tummy and flattening it so your clothes fit better. The compression can also sculpt hourglass curves on your waist. This type of shapewear is very popular to wear as a shaping undergarment because of its amazing support and contouring effects.

You can actually wear a tummy control body shaper under any clothes. But, you need to pay attention to several things so that it blends perfectly with your clothes. Stick to shapewear that provides seamless designs to avoid unflattering lines on your clothes. You also have to choose a shapewear style according to the clothes you wear. Don't worry, the popular brand Waistdear offers wholesale shapewear in a wide range of functional designs. You can always get the most suitable style, including underbust, low back to full body shaper.

2. Find The Right Compression Level

To get a flat stomach and slim waist, you have to find the right compression level for your needs. Proper compression will make your shapewear comfortable to wear every day. Indeed, compression has a big influence on comfort. So, if anyone says that shapewear is uncomfortable, tell them to find the right compression level first!

Modern shapewear brands offer several levels of compression in their collections, from light to extra firm. The light one is suitable for daily use. Light-medium compression shapewear provides a natural slimming effect. It highlights your smooth silhouette without feeling squeezed or pinched. You can wear it in comfort as long as you want. Meanwhile, the higher the compression level, the more powerful the slimming effect. High compression shapewear is more suitable for special occasions, where you need a significant slimming and sculpting effect. For example, when you wear a party dress, bodycon dress or when exercising. High levels of compression tend to wrap your body firmly. However, you can avoid discomfort thanks to the elastic and breathable shapewear materials. Thus, you should stick to Waistdear, a brand that prioritizes comfort and quality.

3. Shaping Bodysuits As Flattering Tops

Have you ever thought about wearing a body shaper as outerwear? Nowadays, shapewear outerwear is all the rage. Wearing a shaping bodysuit as a top is the trend, and you should try it!

Honestly, shaping bodysuits can work much better than any other type of top. Shaping bodysuits provide a seamless tucked-in style that makes your appearance look elegant and neat. No more nightmares of muffin tops and bra bulges. The tummy control feature helps you tame belly fat for a completely smooth figure. That will make it easier for you to coordinate your outfit. You can pair a shaping bodysuit with any bottom or layer it with any outerwear. Your style is completely yours.

4. Wear Shaping Undergarments

Are you still wearing your regular underwear now? You should start switching to shaping undergarments that are more supportive and comfy. Shaping undergarments like tummy control panties and fashion deep cup bra are a better choice if you want excellent support and smoothing under any outfit.

Shaping panties provide tummy flattening and butt lifting features at the same time. These features allow you to get a flat stomach and a beautiful peach butt, which you can't get from regular panties. Shaping panties also provide more comfort because they don't roll up or fall down when you move.

If regular bras only provide support, shapewear bras can support and shape your chest at the same time. Shapewear bras are designed to compress fat, especially under your armpits and back. The feature helps you achieve a smooth silhouette and improves your posture. Interestingly, you can also wear a shapewear bra as a stylish top!

5. Wear A Waist Trianer As A Workout Accessory

Did you know that wearing a waist trainer while you exercise can give you faster results?

Shaping waist trainer for exercise is made of neoprene. This material is durable, strong and flexible. Additionally, neoprene can increase your body temperature to burn fat faster. The benefits make neoprene waist trainers very popular with many people as a workout accessory. 

Most waist trainers provide quite high compression, so be careful when choosing one. You should choose flexible, breathable and smooth materials so that you can wear it in comfort. It's a good idea to pay attention to the design, too. Velcro adhesive designs or those with a detachable belt are better choices. It will be easier for you to adjust the compression according to your needs.

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