NEW IN: MAY 2024

Hi! It's been quite a while since I bought so many cosmetic products that it would need its own post. But May has been like that and I felt I just can't scratch the "want" itch.

That's why I bought so many new products. Some are from new editions, and some are new to me. But nevertheless, let's see what ended up in my shopping cart!

NEW IN: May 2024

This month I got so much cosmetics - both decorative and skincare. 
The last two items I got were the Essence Got A Crush On Apricots Lip Oil and Essence Essence Got A Crush On Apricots Blush. The blush smells divine, but it's not very pigmented. I may need to use up a thin layer for it to show more pigmented.

Because both are from Essence, this purchase was inexpensive. Around 5eur or similar. 

Essence Got A Crush on Apricot

Next in line: Toothpaste. I ordered Hismile toothpaste a while ago and managed to use 2 up. I know they both lasted me a loooong time and I enjoyed the texture and weirdly enough, taste. I had them in mango and mint. And this time I picked up three exciting flavors (for me!): Gummy bears, Chupa Chups Strawberry cream (my fav!), and Cotton Candy. Delicious!
With my purchase, I got some uhhh, teeth stickers? I may be able to use them for my nails tho! They are water transfer stickers. 

Hismile toothpaste

I also bought some new curly-approved shampoo and hair balm. The shampoo is called HairTry Date With Exfoliate also is an acid scalp shampoo (needs to stay on for several minutes) and I absolutely love it! I am a fan that it comes in such a nice size. Too bad for the hair balm that it's only available in small sizes. The balm is meant for non-porous hair and it's called HairTry Shine Flow

With my order, I got two mini sizes for some nice products. I will take them with me on my vacation!

In May, well actually at the end of April, I went to our main town - Ljubljana where I stopped in Lush. It's been so long since I went into a Lush store that it was pretty overwhelming. I needed to grab the always-amazing Lemony Flutter. I then remembered that I needed a hair balm because I loved their curly one. But I think that one was the American Dream? Not sure. I didn't get that one, but instead, I got Candy Rain

Also, some refreshing blue shower gel that smells like cucumbers and a fresh drink - Fresh AS
The mini perfumes are for my sister, I decided to get a regular one because I couldn't smell a damn in-store (talk about overwhelmed). 

Lush Cosmetics Haul

Ohhh, in May I discovered my newest obsession - lip oils. But with a very special texture that is between a lip gloss and lip oil. I Loooove these ones from Catrice!

Catrice Lip Oil

I went back to my old roots and picked up an Artdeco case with two eyeshadows. A nude matte, a shimmery purple taupe. And a Hi-Sense gel for my pedicures. My Indigo Nail gels don't work for me anymore (except their colored ones, their bases peel off in 2 weeks). 

Artdeco Eyeshadow Case

We finally got a Decathlon store in my town. That's a sport store that is pretty affordable and I can always find something for myself. I get my microfiber hair towels from there, too!

And of course two extra lip oils, one from Essence and another from Catrice. Plus a mattifying face powder that was on sale by BellHypoallergenic brand. 

I couldn't pass the opportunity to grab 2 more Artdeco eyeshadows (shimmery white and shimmery black), their eyeshadow primer, and their black kajal. The waterproof version really doesn't budge!

And of course when. I said that I bought a lot, I meant it! I bought A LOT. 
I needed a new mascara so when I saw that there was a new Catrice mascara, I had to get it. It's the one I wrote a review of - Catrice Fake It Mascara
I got a black eye pencil because I bought the Artdeco a day or so later. Honestly, I don't know what to do with it. :P

Another Catrice Lip Oil was a must (okay, okay, I know ...) too! For good measure, I also got an Essence Lip Oil so I could compare them.
I grabbed a new corrector by Maybelline because my last one needed to be tossed. And I paired it with an Essence Baby Got Blush blush that comes with a sponge applicator tip. 

Essence Baby Got Blush

Of course, this isn't the end - I got some more items online. 
A favorite of mine is the Uniball One P pen which I absolutely adore. The black ink is the blackest you can get (there were some studies), I love how chubby it is, and you can fit it with their regular refills. I love it!!
I also got some keyboard switch grabbers because I managed to break 2 that I got with my keyboard. 
But the main thing was the Intimina Ziggy 2 Cup as I really want to go back to using a menstrual disc. I should rather say, that I really want to learn how to use it. As I never mastered it. 

the same day I got an intimate cream by Intimina which is lovely, especially after shaving.  

Intimina Ziggy 2 Cup

The next part is mostly skincare. I got targeted by an AD and couldn't resist. So I bought some items for our vacation - like the oil cleanser that I thought would be small and chubby,  but it is not. 

Of course, I had to get another Lip Oil, this time by NYX. I do enjoy it very much! I love all my lip oils. :D

Some items are doubles because there was a 1+1 sale on them. Like I got two packs of blotting papers instead of one, two eyeshadows (the same ones, shimmery rose). 

pinkpanda haul

The next part was a Mystery goodie bag I got with my order. I am actually pleasantly surprised it's something I will actually use - a rose eyeshadow (heh), some B12 serum (IDK really), and a coffee body scrub. 

Mayani goodie bag

In my haul I also ordered one of those "throw all you can of your skincare/cosmetics" and then pull the string and done - now you have a travel bag. It also came in a 1+1 sort of sale, so I gifted the other one to my sister. 

Cosmetics travel pouch

Ohhh, of course, this post wouldn't be complete without my favorite (but non-cosmetics) purchase. These two lovely rings. Both are silver but with different stones. The right one is a peridot (wanted one for ages!) and the left is a tanzanite which was also on my WL for a long time. 
Sadly I bought both one size or half of it (IDK, am a noob!) too big and was too stubborn to return them or exchange them. So I got myself some ring adjusters and now they fit fine!

It was my very first time ordering from a Slovenian site with jewelry and I am honestly impressed. The packaging was on point, and the messages with the rings too! Loved it! rings

And finally, I am not sure if you know this, but this Summer I am OBSESSED with self-tan. I have about 6 of them and I'm not even kidding. I wish I was, lol.

The Cocoa Brown is the latest (and probably last for a while) addition to my collection. The Face Serum was gifted, but the glove and body serum I purchased myself. 

I need to make a proper review of them because that surely was an experience. :) 

Cocoa Brown Self Tanner Serum

This concludes my latest NEW IN post, I hope you enjoyed it!

If you want to see something reviewed or talked about, let me know in the comments below. 

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