Wishlist: BERLOOK Swimsuits

Wishlist: BERLOOK Swimsuits

This swimsuit wishlist is brought to you in collaboration with Berlook.

Sunshine, poolside lounging, and the perfect swimsuit – summer whispers are in the air! It's been a while since I treated myself to a new one, and this year feels like the right time to dive in (pun intended!). 
While those "young lady" days are behind me, hello confident, awesome almost-old-lady (whoa, let's rephrase that – I'm totally rocking my prime!), it's time to embrace fabulous plus-size swimsuits. Speaking of fabulous, I spotted a brand on Instagram with stunning options for beautifully "nicely filled" figures like mine. Get ready for sunshine and poolside fun – this summer's got my name on it!


Okay, buckle up because this is where things get real! The Berlook website is basically a swimsuit wonderland, and let me tell you, these suits were ALL talking to me. Picking just 3 was like trying to choose your favorite candy – impossible! But after some serious browsing (and maybe a little daydreaming), I finally narrowed it down to my top contenders.  So, without further ado, here are my three must-have summer suits!

1. Red V-Neck Ribbed Plus Size Swimsuit

Beach babe vibes are unlocked!  This swimsuit isn't just cute, it's practically screaming summer with those high-waisted bottoms (a major win for me!).  I can already picture myself lounging on the beach in these, soaking up the sun and building sandcastles with the little one. Talk about the perfect combo of comfort and style – who needs a shirt when you look this good?  Plus, it comes in sizes up to 24, so everyone can rock this summer look!

Wishlist: BERLOOK Swimsuits

2.  Lurex One Shoulder Plus Size Swimsuit

Calling all poolside mermaids! This swimsuit isn't just swimwear, it's a full-on glam attack. Imagine yourself shimmering like a disco ball under the sun – that's the kind of magic we're talking about.  And the best part? It comes in three dazzling colors: classic grey, pool party blue, and sassy pink. Each one is as sparkly and cute as the next, guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go.

Just a heads up, because it's crafted with such luminous shine, this suit is a bit on the delicate side. So save those wild beach adventures with rocky coastlines for another day. But for poolside lounging, pool parties, or soaking up the sun in style, this beauty is your perfect match!

Calling all the amazing women who want to rock a swimsuit that's out of this world (literally, it'll turn heads on any beach). This set is giving me major 90s vibes with a high-waisted option for those who love a little more coverage, or a cheeky high-cut style for the daring divas. It's like your favorite childhood swimsuit got a total glow-up – think old-school cool with a fresh, modern twist. Plus, it's ridiculously cute! Get ready to feel confident and amazing all summer long.

Wishlist: BERLOOK Swimsuits

Alright, that's it for my summer swimsuit wishlist!  I'm totally crushing on all these styles, and I can't wait to feel amazing by the pool (or at the beach) this year. I still don't have my vacation planned so we'll see where I'll be rocking my swimsuits. Some of these suits are a bit of a splurge, but hey, a well-made swimsuit can last for years, and confidence is priceless, right?  Here's to feeling cute and ready to conquer summer!

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