Embrace Self-Care and Organization: How Planners Can Transform Your Life

Embrace Self-Care and Organization: How Planners Can Transform Your Life
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 It’s not uncommon to think that being disorganized and having a lack of self-care go hand in hand. Often overcrowded schedules lead to a lack of boundaries and leave us run down both physically and emotionally, 

That’s why a weekly calendar planner can lead to a total life transformation. Both from the point of scheduling in self-care and having a schedule that you can refer back to when times get tough. 

Here is how to embrace your self-care through organized planning. 

The Benefits of Using Planners

There are many different benefits of using planners. Many of them revolve around the mental and cognitive side. In fact, studies have shown that goal setting and planning the future have wonderful benefits for humans mentally. Let’s explore this. 

Freeing Up Space In Your Mind

No matter how much we think we can remember, it’s impossible to store everything in our heads. By writing things down, naturally, we create a reference point that allows our brain to let go of that information. We actually may even remember it better when it’s time to use that information. 

When we write things in our planners, such as dates, names, and other information, we can reduce anxiety because the feeling of forgetting something goes away. This creates an organized and settled mindset that allows you to focus on other things. 

Scheduling What’s Important

Sometimes, humans also tend to believe they have superpowers and can fit everything in. Saying no is incredibly difficult, especially if you don’t have a concrete schedule and know when and where existing events are taking place. 

By scheduling your week out, it automatically creates blocks in your timetable and creates a visual. This can help someone in a number of ways. The first is realizing how much they are over-scheduling. The second will allow them to block out time for self-care. 

Self-care can take practice as it’s not always natural for someone to block out this time. By highlighting areas of the schedule and making an effort to include this in our schedules, we can benefit mentally from a break and, in some cases, physically. This could be time spent being active or doing something we love. Sometimes, that can even be a little grooming and spa day. 

Embrace Self-Care and Organization: How Planners Can Transform Your Life
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Goal Setting

Finding the motivation to do the hard things is not easy, But having a planner certainly makes it easier. This is because having a timetable will help create more sustainable goals as you work your way up to a bigger one. The best way to do this is to work backward. 

Start with the big goal a year out from now. Then, think about the steps that you would take to meet that goal in quarterly or monthly actions. Then, in order to make those milestones, what are the weekly and daily actions you need to take? 

This is how goal setting works when you do it with a planner. Mentally, the effects have yielded positive results on careers and overall health and well-being. 

Finding a Planner That Fits You

Not all planners are created equal. Some planners have different artwork and styles, while others are more simple. Some people prefer to have more structure in their planners, so they have an easier time staying on track. Others enjoy some flexibility and freedom as well as creativity to fill in the blanks. 

Planners that have dates, such as weekly planners and monthly planners, will serve you best. Regardless of the time, having a timetable is how we can take advantage of the benefits by mind mapping out our weeks. The best part is you don’t have to wait. Grab one and start being proactive with your self-care! 

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