Elizavecca CER-100 Collagen Coating Hair A+ Muscle Curl Cream

The last time that I tried a hair product from Elizavecca I loved it. That one was named similarly - CER 100 Protein Treatment
It was one of my first "successful" products for my curly hair. Then there weren't many brands catering to curly hair, so I had to use what was available.

But in the past three years with the boom of the Curly Method, I noticed more and more curly products. One of them is the Elizavecca CER 100 Curling Cream

Elizavecca CER 100 Curl Cream

This is not a classic curling cream per se, as its job isn't to help hold the curls. But it's to help with the fizz and electricity of the hair and thus make the hair curls look prettier. 

This product helps your curls of your hair more elastic, helps & keeps your hair moisturized, adds shine, easy styling. And also nourish your hair with the Hydrolyzed Collagen, Vegetable originated oil. The texture is a light feeling of use without clumping and stickiness. 
  •  Vegetable-originated oil contains - Evening Primrose oil, Argan Kernel Oil, Matricaria Flower Oil
  •  Contains Hydrolyzed Collagen 10 ppm

The packaging is cute as always.
The box has a girl's face with lots of curly hair drawn on it. And when you pull out part of the box it says "Help me! Elizavecca!". Which I personally think is adorable. :)

The tube is also very very cute. It's fully covered in the orange design of the curly girl. She's looking at a tube she's squeezing and I get the impression that it's our tube. Very adorable. 

The tube comes with a hygiene seal so you can be sure it hasn't been tampered with. 
This time I feel that the packaging is better made than last time. It closes fully and is really easy to use, as the upper part (where you squeeze it) is made of softer plastic.

Scent and texture

The cream looks like a thinner cream. It's not watery, but it isn't very thick. It's a lighter cream. 
It's very easy to spread and apply on hair, which is always a plus.

The scent is fantastic. It must be one of my favorites! It has a citrusy (a bit like a tangerine) scent with a bit of a more flowery after scent. It's wonderful and the hair has the same scent after use. 

It restores elasticity to hair nourished by hair essence and maintains the volume of hair curls.

How to use

After shampooing, apply an appropriate amount to your hair in moist or dry conditions and style it.

  • Easy to use and carry anywhere
  • Hair curl cream for your shiny and beautiful daily hair styling
  • Maintain your hair moisturized, add shine, and nourish your hair with good ingredients.
  • Does not leave clumping and stickiness and a light feeling of use

My experience

I noticed that when I first used it my hair got softer. It felt less fizzy and my curls looked softer too. With it, I didn't use any other styling product because I wanted to see how my hair would look and feel.

The second time I used it I noticed the same thing so the third time I used my regular styling products with it. I use a curl-holding cream which helps my hair with definition but in combination with the Elizavecca CER 100 Curl Cream, my hair looked different. The curls were defined (because of the styling product), but it was also very soft and luscious looking with less electricity. And that in my book is a win!


+ I love the cute packaging
+ Amazing citrusy/floral scent
+ Great texture for a hair product
+ Helps with fizz and softness of the hair


- It may be a bit expensive, depending on where you get it (on the official page it's 18.000 won, which is about 13€)
- Isn't Curly Girl approved


I am glad that I got to try this product from Elizavecca. It's a fun one with a cute packaging design. 
The cream has a great texture for this sort of product and I had a good time using it. The packaging works fine so I haven't got anything bad to say about it (as I had last time). 

The scent is my favorite thing ever! Even better than the effect it does. I mean it helps with the fizz and the hair looking neat part, but at the same time makes your hair smell absolutely fantastic!

And if you're looking for a Curly Gurl method-approved product, then this one isn't for you as it contains some silicones and non-natural oils.

What do you think of this Curl Cream? Have you tried it yet?

 I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.
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