Sparkly Nails For New Year's Eve

Provocater Hybrid Ruby Chocolate Glitter

New Year's eve is right around the corner. And for such an occasion a bunch of glitters is a must.

I love me some glitter eyeshadow and of course, my perfect manicure for new year's eve also contains glitter! 

But because I've been all about the gel polishes for the last year, my last manicure of the passing year can't be a regular one. No, it has to be special, and of course quick. And there are no quicker manicures than gel or hybrid gel polish.

Provocater Hybrid Ruby Chocolate Glitter

High-quality hybrid nail polish that combines gel's long-lasting with the easy application of traditional nail polish. It provides a perfect and long-lasting manicure. Its highly pigmented formula guarantees perfect coverage and deep and intense colour. Its dense and silky texture, and its brush, make the application easy.

See, easy peasy! For a very glittery coverage, I needed only two thin layers of the hybrid gel polish. 
I set it to cure for 60 seconds and finished it with a shiny topcoat. 

Provocater Hybrid Ruby Chocolate Glitter

I think it would look even better over darker Provocater hybrid gel. Maybe a black one, so the glitter would be even more noticeable. 
Provocater Hybrid Ruby Chocolate Glitter

The bottle is very interesting, it actually feels quite dangerous with the pointy cap. It reminds me of a Louboutin stiletto. 
Nevertheless, the cap is easy to hold. The brush has a straight cut with rounded edges which is perfect to get close to the cuticles. 

I like the hybrid gel because it's a more viscous formula that applies nicely and evenly. It doesn't need thick layers to get the effect I was looking for. 

Provocater Hybrid Ruby Chocolate Glitter

This is a lovely hybrid gel by a (previously to me unknown brand) Provocater. And I feel that because of all the glitter it's a perfect match for the upcoming holidays. Yay!

What will your manicure be for the longest night of the year?

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