CeraVe Restorative Hand Cream

CeraVe Restorative Hand Cream

With colder months it becomes even more important to take care of our hands. Especially because of the wind and cold that comes with the change of seasons. My hands usually feel raw at the end of the day.
And if that wasn't bad enough the daily use of disinfectants does a number on my skin too!

That's why it is important to pick a good hand cream for the upcoming winter days. 
But of course, the use of hand creams isn't limited to just Winter or Autumnal use. No, there are several hand creams that can be used anytime

I prefer a more moisture heavy type of hand cream during the warmer months and a more nourishing type for colder months. 

CeraVe Restorative Hand Cream

That's why for this Winter I picked up the CeraVe Restorative hand cream. It's a very basic hand cream that helps with extremely dry and even cracked skin!

  • suitable for extremely dry, rough and cracked skin on your hands
  • provides up to 24-hour hydration
  • alleviates drying and helps restore the skin’s protective barrier
  • doesn’t leave an oily film on your hands and is absorbed very quickly
  • developed in collaboration with dermatologists
  • waterproof product

CeraVe Restorative Hand Cream

I'm usually not a fan of creams that leave a film after application, but this one is different. The film the CeraVe Restorative Hand Cream leaves is hard to notice - I can feel I have smooth hands and that's pretty much it. 
CeraVe Restorative Hand Cream


  • three types of essential ceramides – restore the skin barrier
  • hyaluronic acid – locks moisture inside the top layer of the skin
  • MVE technology – gradually releases hydrating ingredients over the course of 24 hours
  • fragrance-free
  • hypoallergenic formula

CeraVe Restorative Hand Cream

I feel it is suited for practically anyone as it has no scent and leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished.
And there's practically no need to wait after application as it sinks into the skin really quickly
CeraVe Restorative Hand Cream


+ leaves skin feeling soft and nourished
+ has no scent
+ the texture is pleasant
+ quickly sinks into the skin
+ inexpensive (less than 5€ for 50ml)
+ leaves a film behind (to protect your skin)


- doesn't add moisture to the skin (it's a nourishing heavy cream)

CeraVe Restorative Hand Cream


I feel like this is a great hand cream. It's one of those basic "will fix your hands" types of creams. It doesn't add moisture to your skin but it helps to trap moisture in your skin. So if you need an extra boost of moisture try using a moisturizing cream before this one. It should trap all that juicy goodness into your skin. 
But the CeraVe cream is a great cream to restore the moisture level of your skin. I like that even if it's a heavy cream it doesn't feel heavy after application.  
Overall, I feel like this is one of the must-haves of skin creams. Simple; does its job and is inexpensive

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