Purity Vision BIO - Rose Water

Purity Vision BIO - Rose Water

As the warmer months turns into Autumn our skin usually needs more moisture. That's because of the mix of less humidity outside and indoor heating.

Because of that, it's good to add something more hydrating to our routines. Luckily it doesn't have to be a whole different routine, just a good hydrating product with a heavier cream to close the moisture into your skin.

For the extra moisturizing product in my routine, I picked the Purity Vision Bio Rose Water.

Purity Vision BIO - Rose Water

Give your skin the care it deserves and pamper it with the power of rare roses. Purity Vision Rose water is an amazing multi-purpose product – you can use it as face water, a setting spray for your makeup, or an effective way to reduce fatigue thanks to a gorgeous aroma. The rose water is even gentle enough for kids’ skin.

It's a multipurpose spray that I use right after washing my face. Then I spray it once or twice before I add some hyaluronic acid and a cream. 

Purity Vision BIO - Rose Water

It has a very refreshing and very distinguished rose scent. It somehow helps me feel a bit more awake when I'm feeling down. 


  • tones regenerate and refreshes skin
  • has amazing benefits for your eye area
  • moisturises and firms the skin
  • removes impurities
  • has a beautiful scent

Purity Vision BIO - Rose Water

The best thing is that it's made from 100% pure rose water from the Bulgarian mountains. Colour me impressed! 

I also enjoy the packaging - the bottle is made from opaque glass. This way the rose water doesn't lose all of its fantastic qualities. 

Purity Vision cosmetics combine the latest scientific findings with the traditional and tried and tested. Purity Vision products have an organic quality certificate and provide truly first-class care for the skin all over the body.

Purity Vision BIO - Rose Water


+ made from pure rose water
+ refreshing 
+ adds moisture to the skin
+ smells fantastic!
+ glass bottle can be repurposed
+ inexpensive (less than 8€)


- bottle is heavy and could slip (I'm a bit clumsy)


I'm not a stranger when it comes to rose waters and I can say that I enjoy the rose water from Purity Vision. This is a brand that is new to me, but I can see myself using more products from them. 
The rose water helps with the extra moisture for my skin which I then lock in with a cream. This way my routine isn't any more complex but I still get the extra moisture!
Overall this lovely rose water is on the inexpensive side, especially considering it comes in a glass bottle!

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