Atelier Cologne Lemon Island

Atelier Cologne Lemon Island

The last post was all about the Atelier Cologne perfume Clementine California, so it is only fair that this new post is all about a new scent from them. The freshly made Lemon Island.

I read an interview with the two creators from Atelier Cologne where they talked about their newest scent - Lemon Island. And it read as a dream. Fresh, citrusy, with a special note that is derived from the green lemons from an island they went to. Amazing!

That's why I had to try it. It seemed like a dream, will it smell like a dream on me too?

Atelier Cologne Lemon Island

Find your inner tranquillity with Atelier Cologne’s magical Lemon Island fragrance. Transport yourself to sunrise in tropical paradise: as the sun rises over pastel skies and sandy beaches, breathe in the fresh scents of lemon trees, sweet flowers, and ocean waves.

Fresh lemons from the Indian Ocean fuse with sweet Madagascan Vanilla and Indian Jasmine to create a perfectly uplifting, every-day scent. A refreshing and delicate fragrance, in Atelier Cologne’s signature, long-lasting 'Cologne Absolue' formulation.

It does read like a dream, doesn't it? I like that all their perfumes are unisex. They are meant for both her and him and well, everything in between. 

But because this is a niche brand, it is also formulated for a smaller audience, it's meant to be more exquisite. And thus luxurious. The prices do seem like that. A small bottle (the one I have) is 30€ for 10ml. 

But even if it's only 10ml, it lasts me a long time. I used the Clementine version daily for more than a month and a half. I love it! The feeling of the bottle - it's heavy glass. It feels sturdy.
The bottle outlived the perfume. Plus it's great for travelling. I once took it with me and it survived nicely. 

Atelier Cologne Lemon Island

Top note:


middle note:

Indian Jasmine

base note:

Madagascar Vanilla

Atelier Cologne Lemon Island

The scent seems like a very simple version of a perfume. Only 3 notes. All simple and clean. 
But together they make an interesting perfume. I thought it would be fresh, but it's something completely different.

The first whiff shocked me. It smelled so oddly familiar. And then it hit me. I know this scent! 
I mean, I live by the seaside and it's the scent that I could smell every single summer when I walked by the beach. The Atelier Cologne Lemon Island smells to me of hundreds of sunscreens on a hot summer day. It's a comforting scent!

Atelier Cologne Lemon Island

It's such a specific scent that I didn't think I'd like. I mean, I expected something super fresh, more lemony. But it's a scent that brings back many memories of summer days. It's also a scent that I won't use daily, as it feels more of a special occasion scent. A welcoming, summer scent

Overall I enjoy it and can't wait to try more of their other perfumes. I think I found a brand that smells nice on me. Plus their glass vials are very sturdy and quite pleasing to the eye. 

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