New in: July - December 2019

I know that I'm really slow with posting all my new goodies from past months. 
And well, one month went by, then another and so on. Because of all that I decided to make a mega-post in which I'll go over some goodies I received or bought in the last 6 months.

There aren't all of them because there were just too many. But most of them are here. :) Enjoy!

New in: July - December 2019

I'll start with some random items. 

My current favourite brand of nail polish is Sally Hansen - the gel line. I have two other colours and I just ran out of the topcoat. I enjoyed it as it really is long-lasting! Anyway I was super excited to get this duo for the price of one nail polish! 

I also subscriber for 1 year of Look Fantastic boxes. I got three of them already. They are fun and most of the products are really nice. Plus the price is fantastic. About 15€! 

One review that is yet to come is the Bali Body self-tanner line. I made some lovely photos with them. They are pretty good as I could test. Except for the BB cream. That does nothing for me. 

I fell for the hype and got a small set of the Dr. Jart Cera Moisture line. It's cute and it's waiting for its turn. 

In 2019 I got a couple of PR goodies from Avon. Thank you! I enjoyed the perfume! :D 

When I ran out of eyeshadow primer and fixing powder I went to my beloved store and got me some new goodies. :D The Wet n Wild primer is amazing and I can't recommend it enough and the MUR fixing powder does its job well. It was a great purchase!

Another hype that I fell for was the Glam Glow Supermud mask. It does what it's supposed to (cleans pores) but the first 5 minutes of wearing it are pretty uncomfortable. It burns and my eyes sting because it's so full of fragrance. But the effect is lovely. 

Last year I've become a regular shopper in Lush. Half my bathroom products are from them and well, I get to try so many new things! I'm happy and excited. It helps that my sis works there and Lush employees get a nice discount!

I also needed some extra vitamins to keep me healthy. I tried a new site -Bodykind. I wanted to try something different from Iherb. 

I needed some new contact lenses and what better time it's to get them when there are sales on Honeycolor? I love that site and am always pleased with their customer service. 

December was the time for glitters and I needed a good glitter glue. NYX glitter primer is perfect for the job. I got it in a set with a brush and some extra glitter! It was a good deal. 

In October I got some The Ordinary goodies to share with my sister. Some staples, nothing too exciting. :D 

And as of last - I discovered energy drinks that are more of a DIY version. I tried Gfuel and Sneak. I will make a comparison quite soon. 

And that's it for now. I think I got quite some things in the past months but I am happy with most of them. :D 

What did you like from the bunch? Let me know in the comments below. 

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