How To Create A Beautiful Everyday Look

How To Create A Beautiful Everyday Look

Written by: Brathen Emily

The first few moments of the day are probably the most important of all. Waking up every single morning, day after day, and beginning the process of “getting ready” is frankly, exhausting. Most of us have to wake up an extra hour or two earlier just to look presentable for the day. Putting that much energy into those first couple of hours could potentially be taking away from the rest of our daily hustle. That being said, it is important for us to look our best if we are going to perform our best in our daily tasks.

Make a Plan

To get everything done in the morning that you need to accomplish before your day really begins, you must have a plan set up. Having a strategy in the morning will help you get everything done in an orderly fashion and avoiding the rush out the door and in the car, which sets your mood off on the wrong foot. Getting ready every morning doesn’t have to be daunting. It doesn’t have to take hours and a lot of energy. So let’s discuss your morning plan and creating a beautiful everyday look, effortlessly. 

Start your morning off slowly, waking up with plenty of time to accomplish everything on your morning to-do list—breakfast, workout, reading, coffee, shower—whatever you need to start your day off right. 

Tip: Put your alarm clock across the room so that you physically have to get out of bed to turn it off. You are less likely to snooze if you have already gotten up. 

When it is finally time to start getting presentable for the day, I always prefer to start with my makeup. I keep my daily makeup look very basic so that it doesn’t take me very long. But for those of you that like a full face of makeup every day, let’s discuss achieving that full look in a short amount of time. 

Only Use the Essentials

Narrow down your makeup to the essentials. What products can you not survive the day without? What products will have you looking and feeling your best? Set the rest aside and work with the essentials. Make sure you are starting with a clean, fresh canvas by cleansing and moisturizing with your favorite products. 

One of my favorite products for a natural glow is a tinted moisturizer. Find one that provides you with just the right amount of coverage and shimmer and as soon as you apply it, you will feel bright and ready to take on the day. Use concealer to touch up dark spots and blemishes and blend thoroughly. Decide whether to wear blush or bronzer (or both) and apply some to add color to your cheeks, making you look awake and ready to roll. 

When it comes to defining the eyes, decide which products will help you look more awake. I always start with my eyebrows, shading them in naturally to add shape. If I am wearing eyeshadow that day, I usually choose a subtle, matte color like taupe or beige. Use a bright white with or without a shimmer, to highlight the corners of your eyes, brightening them up and helping you appear even more awake. If you are wearing eyeliner that day, now is the time for it. For an everyday look, it’s best to keep the eyeliner thin and subtle. Next, is mascara. In my humble opinion, mascara is the most essential product for a beautiful everyday look. Apply it to both top and bottom lashes to make the eyes appear larger and wide open. The very last product to consider is your lip color. Are you going for a natural glossy look today, or wanting to pop with some color? It’s all up to you and what mood you are in. You can never go wrong with a bit of color! 

Now that your face is complete and ready to go, what to do with the hair?!

How To Create A Beautiful Everyday Look
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Styling Your Hair

Evaluate how much time you have left for your hair and plan accordingly. Don’t make yourself late and rushed by opting to go all out with the hair. If you absolutely must straighten or curl your hair, then make sure you give yourself plenty of time or do it the night before to save time in the morning. There are plenty of quick options that are still beautiful if you are short on time. So let’s dive into some hairstyles that are quick and easy and will have you looking like you spent hours in the bathroom. 


Braids are my favorite hairstyle to rock when I am in a hurry, don’t have time to wash my hair, or just because I love the way they look. One super simple braid to try is the braided headband. Braid a small strand of hair on both sides of your head and cross them over the top of your head, pinning them in place. Style the rest of your hair up or down. 

High Ponytail Braid

Another easy way to incorporate a braid is by braiding a high ponytail. Secure all of your hair into a ponytail and braid the tail all the way down. You can mix it up by styling a 3-strand braid or a fishtail braid. 

Ballet Bun

One more super easy style is a ballet bun. Secure a bun as high up on your crown as you can get it and hairspray thoroughly, hiding any flyaways or loose pieces. This look is easy and can look super classy when paired with the right outfit. 

Choosing an Outfit

Once your hair is completed, the only thing left to do is get dressed! Choose your outfit based on what you need to accomplish that day. The better you feel, the better you’ll look and the better you will perform. Represent yourself in the best way possible. To save time, pick out your outfit the night before so you aren’t staring aimlessly into your closet in the morning, as I have done so many times. 

Makeup, hair, and outfit complete your everyday look and hopefully, you are now able to accomplish all 3 in a reasonable amount of time, leaving you with time to spare to enjoy your morning and start it off in a great mood. Now, carpe diem. 

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