New in: May, June 2019

New in: May, June 2019
 It's been quite a while since I wrote about all the products I bought.
One of the reasons was because I didn't buy that much and the second was because of I kind of neglected my blog.
That means that the last time I wrote something from my "new in" category was almost a year ago. That's a bit shocking, isn't it?

Anyway, I went to a bit of a shopping spree lately and it's time for me to share my hauls with you all.

New in: May, June 2019

trend it up smell free nail polish remover

I got a new nail polish remover from Trend it up and I've already used it. I used it on a nail polish that goes awfully hard off. The Sally Hansen top coat. Seriously, that stuff doesn't get off with acetone! I mean, it does, but it takes time and it stinks.
Anyway, with this remover, it went easily. After 1 minute of soaking my nails (with a pad), it got off in a breeze. I was first contemplating just throwing it away before it started working. It works and it doesn't stink! I should get a couple of these.

The coconut soap was a gift from a friend from the Maldives. It smells heavenly!

DM haul

I needed a new Balea hair balm because I ran out of every single one I had. So I picked up this from DM. It's okay, smells strongly of honey and it makes me a bit sick because the scent is so strong. But as a hair balm, it's quite okay. I just dislike the scent.

The stockings are amazing. I never knew how good they are. They are also from DM. Thin and I can wash them in the washing machine for about 4 uses before they rip on me.

Balea hand mask

This was a lovely gift from a friend - a Balea sheet mask. some cotton gloves and a hand mask.
I used the hand mask and it was fun. My hands were really soft after.

Avon perfume

I got this perfume from Avon. It smells like orchids and something else, a bit musky but really pleasant. It's quite heavy but not "I'll die and can't breathe" heavy. More like, yeah, I'm sexy, heavy.

Avon Blush

I also got this lovely blush from Avon. It's pigmented and a muted deep rose color. I think it could work with several skin tones.

Avon red lipstick

I also got some summer fun products from Avon! A red lipstick which is brilliant - matte and vibrant. And an almost neon coral nail polish.

Avon red lipstick

Sundance SPF 50+

Next I got some basic products from DM. Dm is my favorite drugstore. I have it close to me and I am left alone whenever I shop. I like my peace when I shop!

I got a sunscreen which is a bit heavy even if it's a chemical sunscreen. But after a couple of weeks of use I got used to it. It does leave me shiny and feeling a bit oily but it does offer good protection.

I also got the Catrice eyebrow pencil this time in a very thin packaging. It's lovely. My eyebrows weren't made as quickly as now. I actually used one in less than a month that means that I've already repuchased it. Whops!

And the Catrice Eyebrow Colorst is also a repurchase. I love it.

Lush Karma package

What to say. I did some damage at Lush. Also my wallet. But mostly at Lush.
My favourite scent is Karma. And Sleepy. I seriously love that stuff. It's amazing. I want to bathe in it!

That's why I bot the Karma package. It included the Karma cream, the Karma soap and the Karma perfume.

Lush haul

And I will bathe in both scents! I got a Karma soap (the first one I gave away to my dear and I use it whenever I'm at his place), and a couple of shower soap papers with the Karma scent. Obsessed much?
I also got the Sleepy shower bomb and the Karma shower bomb. I've already used the Karma one before (gave it to my kid who was screaming with delight while using it). But the sleepy one is new for me. I can't wait to play with it!

Oh an the other stuff? I got some hair products, some face masks and ... other things. 

Lush shower bombs

Next, I'm thinking about getting some custom shoes from FSJ Shoes. What do you think? 

Yeah, I think I'm done for now. What do you think?

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