New in: July, August 2018

New in: July, August 2018

The last time I talked about all the goodies I purchased and got in April, May and June. This time it's time to move forward to July and August ob 2018.

I went on a couple of shopping sprees because I felt like I just don't have enough of ... (insert whatever really here). I had a couple of outbreaks on my skin and nothing covered them good enough.

Let's see what I got. 

New in: July, August 2018

I have never been in a MAC store. We only got one a couple of months ago.
And when I got there (all sweaty after a long day around), they did my foundation makeup. It was a lovely and very relaxing process. I also got everything they used on me. :D 
I loved the end results so much!
This haul had to be one of the most expensive I ever had. MAC is damn expensive, but I love the foundation. It's a perfect match and has amazing coverage and staying power. 

mac haul

I also got a HUGE PR package containing some of the new Catrice & Essence products*.
If you're curious about them, I talked about them here - Essence & Catrice NEW products.

essence update

At the same time, I got a couple of new goodies from Paese Cosmetics*. I have tried some of their products in the past. So far I'm enjoying the foundation.
paese cosmetics

I decided to take a jump and purchase my favourite mask. Of all time and I'm not even exaggerating. It's the OSKIA Reinessance mask. Amazing and so worth the high price!

oskia reinessance mask

When I stopped in DM, I saw the new LE from Trend it up. It looked so classy and later I realized that it's a dupe from MAC's LE. I picked a perfume, a lipstick and a lip scrub. All red.

trend it up lips & perfume

The haul from DM was pretty much bigger than the photo above. I also got some stuff for my feet (as I'm on my feet for most of my days). I also got in my mail the Mild scrub from The Face Shop which I ordered from eBay.

cosmetics haul

cosmetics haul

I also got a nice, heavy PR package from Beauty Net Korea*. I am already testing some of their products and some of them are still waiting for their turn. I like to take my time with skincare items.
I got a couple of products from their home brand EyeNLip.

eyenlip salmon oil

eyenlip snail cream

eyenlip salmon oil

eyenlip beauty

Since the last collaboration with Born Pretty Store* was successful, they sent me a couple of more products from their decorative cosmetics line - Bonnie Choice. I will post about them in the next weeks. 

bonnie choice concealer

When Mateja came to visit for my kids birthday she gave me a couple of lovely cosmetics gifts. I loved them! I can't wait for colder months so I can start using acids once more.

Annemarie Borlind cleansing milk

I also got a couple of eBay purchases all in one picture. I got a lip mask from Bioaqua, but it's not worth much as it does nothing. Also a sheet mask and some vaseline.

ebay haul

I got my first purchase from RoseRose Shop, but not their eBay store but their official webpage. The purchase went without a problem and I got everything for less than 22€.
I also love the Secret Key toner. It helped me even my skin. The Peripera sheet masks are a repurchase since I loved their strawberry version so much!

rose rose store haul

And lastly, I purchased a bunch of The Body Shop products. I am in love with their shower gels as they smell sooooo good even when you get out of the shower. And well, they are vegan.
I also got another body yoghurt since I love the formulation so much. And can you say banana mania? I got a shampoo and hair conditioner from their banana line.

 the body shop haul

I think this was some massive monthly haul. I am quite impressed that I managed to accumulate so many products. 

Which ones are your favourite? 

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