Empties #25

I talked about my empties back in March. It was the Empties #24 post. 
I managed to accumulate several other empties in the meantime, but I didn't feel like talking about them as there were so many.

I also kept on postponing my post as it takes me a lot of time to write as there are several mini-reviews in it. But alas, here is the newest Empties post!

Empties #25

Here are all the products I managed to use up and some that were just too old / gone bad / whatever to keep on using. 

used up sheet masks


I love sheet masks. I have used several of them and most of them were just okay.
But there are several that deserve a special mention.

LU LU LUN 7 Day Mask pack

This is a pack of 7 sheet masks in one packaging. That was a shock. But the masks are supposed to be nice and oh so good for your skin. But truth to be told, I didn't like them. They were pretty thin, didn't do much for my skin and were a PITA to use. I won't repurchase it!


I enjoyed this mask. Because it was fun, quirky and because it moisturized my skin nicely. It was one of the more expensive masks at our store (3€ for a store-brand mask). I liked it a lot but it was an LE. Plus I can get cheaper masks that are just as good! I would repurchase it, but was an LE.

PERIPERA Juice Time Strawberry Mask

This mask was one of those masks that made me fall in love with masking again. It is perfect for me, tho the cut is a bit big. But it feels amazing and leaves my skin feeling moisturized and a tad brighter. I got a couple of other "flavours" because of it. I have repurchased it.

THE SAEM Aleo Sheet Mask (LE)

I got them because they were really inexpensive on eBay. I think there were like 7 pieces for like 6$. That's not much and I was curious. I must say that once my curiosity paid off because the masks leave my skin super moisturized and have a comfortable fit. Plus they are inexpensive so I think these will be one of my staple ones.  I will repurchase it!

BALEA Be a Panda Sheet Mask

I talked about it in this post, so there's nothing much to add.

TONYMOLY I'm Real Sheet Mask (Tomato & Avocado)

I've tried several of these masks (the line I'm real) and I enjoyed most of them. I think my favourites were the lemon and rice ones. All of them are pretty moisturizing but there are some that work better for me than the others. I like the line and will repurchase some of them.  I will repurchase it!

MANEFIT Honey Sheet Mask

Manefit has a weird design on their sheet masks. It looks very European with the way their masks are designed. I mean, it's a weird thought but I was absolutely sure that this was a German brand.
But anyway, the mask is this really comfortably thin hydrogel/paper combination that feels amazing. These are on the expensive side but I loved this one! I also tried the Lavanda one which I didn't enjoy this much as it was too perfumed and it irritated my skin a bit. But the honey one was just lovely. I will repurchase it!

MY SCHEMING Hyaluronan Sheet Mask

I thought this mas was off. It had a weird scent that I just couldn't take. Plus it was a tad too small for my face. I wish I could say something more because I know there are several people who love it. But I couldn't get over the scent so I washed it off as soon as I could.  I won't repurchase it.

MY SCHEMING 7-in-1 Brightening Sheet Mask

I don't remember much from this experience but I know it wasn't anything special. Because of all three masks, I realized that I'm not really a fan of My Scheming masks. I won't repurchase it.

MY SCHEMING Raw Job's Tears Brightening Black Mask

This was a fun, black mask. It moisturized my skin nicely and it looked funky. But it was a tad too small for my face. But other than that, it was okay. Nothing really extraordinary happened with it.
I won't repurchase it.

COSRX Acne Master Pimple Patches

BANDI Sebo Care SPF 20 (samples)

I usually don't use samples but these were so good that I loved it! I was hoping on purchasing a full-size sunscreen but they are pretty expensive. The biggest downside was the high alcohol containment that made my eyes burn for the first minute or so. And that happened only once, but I'm putting it out there anyway. I may check them out again next Summer. 

COSRX Acne Master Pimple Patches

These are my favourites. I need to have at least one package on hand. They are the only thing that really helps drain active acne. I have tried several other brands of these patches but they usually don't work as good at these. I have already repurchased it.

ICE CREAM Reconstructing Shampoo


ICE CREAM Reconstructing Shampoo

I got 1/2 of the shampoo from a colleague and I used it as a first or second wash. It depended on how I felt. It cleaned my hair nicely and it smelled like bubble gum. I didn't notice anything special on my hair, maybe that they were a tad softer? I am not sure because I usually don't pay close attention to my hair. I may repurchase it.

BALEA Roter Mohm Hair Balm

I loved using this one! My hair smelled amazing after it and it was so soft. Plus this is a very inexpensive product. I used it up fairly quickly because I realized that my curly hair loves conditioners. I may repurchase it, but there are so many great products to try out before.

BALEA Coconut Water Hairmilk

This is a great hair product! It made my hair soft and supple. But I really disliked the scent. It had an off-coconut scent that was hair do survive. Other than that it was a wonderful product. I would repurchase it but with a different scent. 

SUBRINA Repair Shampoo Professional

I had very high hopes for this shampoo. It had a really odd texture that I later found in several professional products (slimy?). It cleansed my hair nicely but I really disliked the packaging. It is squarely shaped and pretty hard to get every last drop out. I am not a fan of the texture and even less of the scent so I think that there will be no next time with this product.

DEPEND Eyebrow Colour


I had high hopes for the hyped Olaplex for home use. Sadly it did nothing for my hair and I mean absolutely nothing. And I always thought that my hair was pretty damaged. Well, I guess I was wrong? Well, since it did nothing and I used the whole damn thing, I don't think I'd repurchase it.
Maybe if I get a stone to my head? IDK.

BALEA Anti-Shcuppen Shampoo

This is a cleansing shampoo for dandruff. It is pretty harsh and works well as a first cleansing for my scalp. I loved using it (because it really cleans deeply) and I have already repurchased it.


HAND CHEMISTRY Pro Repair Hand Cream

I hoped this cream would bring me relief during the cooler months of the year. It did soak in really soon and it did moisturize my hands. But after a couple of minutes, I had the feeling that I need to re-apply it as my hands felt dry once more. I didn't enjoy using it and I found out that there are cheaper creams that do a better job than this one.

DEPEND Eyebrow Colour

This is such a small package that I thought that it would last me only for a month or two. But since it kept my eyebrows dyed for at least 2-3 weeks, it was for far longer. I think I got about 15 uses out of the small tube. And since I didn't use it as much as I should/could it lasted me for well over a year and a half. It was money well spent and I think I will repurchase it.

SORAYA Care Control Mask

Those Lemonade Days Body Scrub

I was looking for a scrub in the hope it would bring me soft, supple skin. But then I realized that I hate using scrubs. I prefer the dry brushing method and that's where I stayed at. 
The scrub has small beads and a strong lemon scent. It did its job well, but I really don't like using such thins. That's why I wouldn't repurchase it. 

AFRODITA Cosmetics Body Suffle Lavender

This has to be one of my favourite body products that aren't the Body Shop's yoghurt. It sinks in a matter of seconds and leaves a soft, moisturized feeling behind. Plus the texture is super fun and airy and was a joy to use. I would repurchase it.


An oil infused with retinol that is supposed to make your body skin younger and well, more hydrated. It has a very specific scent (old) that is the one that most of their line has. It's a scent you can get used to but it's definitely old people's perfume. It was easy to use (just spread it on the moist skin) and it did keep my skin hydrated (during winter) for three days in a row. With just one application. 
But the packaging is defective, the oil leaks and if you put it on something plastic or acrylic (like I did!) it will make a small ring underneath that will make it stick to the surface. It is easily removable but the ring will stay. It was odd. I wish they would fix the packaging. Other than that, I think I would repurchase it.

SORAYA Care Control Mask

This has to be the best clay mask out there. It contains fruit acids and because of that has a short shelf life. But it did wonders for my skin - it left it soft, supple and well, feeling nice. The first use was a bit off, as my eyes burned because of the scent. But after 5 minutes the feeling subsided and all was good. I may repurchase it.


CERAVE Moisturizing Cream

CERAVE Moisturizing Cream 

This is a cream I got to help me restore my skin barrier. It's a thick, heavy cream that sits a bit on the skin. But what it does is it truly helps repair the skin. I used it when I abused some acids and I really needed something to fix my indulgence. I repurchased it three times and I will do it again. It's that great. 

A'PIEU Pure Block Gel Cream

Their regular Pure Block (orange) was my favourite sunscreen. But then I found this one. It's a bit lighter and perfect for summer. It is also pretty full of alcohol. It has the same citrusy scent that doesn't linger and well, it offers some nice protection. I did enjoy using it, but I feel there are better creams out there. Like the orange version.

THE ORDINARY Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA

This is a cream I used after I used up the CeraVe cream. It has a similar texture, but a tad dryer. It's hard to explain. Plus I sweated a lot under this cream. It also left white residue after application. I mean, it did its job (protection) well, but that was it. It's a mediocre cream at best and I won't repurchase it. 

THANK YOU, FARMER, Sun Project Sunscreen

I had high hopes for this sunscreen. But sadly I hated the scent. I truly hated it and as it lingers for a bit it was hard for me to use it. But I did use it up completely. I used it once a day until I got somewhat used to the scent. The cream did sink in quickly, but I sweated under it, plus it felt a bit greasy and sticky at the same time. It is not a good combination especially for a sunscreen that costs about 16€. I won't repurchase it. 

THANK YOU FARMER True Water Light Gel Cream

THANK YOU FARMER True Water Light Gel Cream

A true gel cream. Very light and hydrating. This was perfect for Summer. I loved using it due to its lovely peonies scent and great hydration. The price is steep so I'd only get it on sale. I would probably repurchase this.


I used it as a cream as it's very lightweight and feels comfortable on the skin. The scent is also lovely and I enjoyed it a lot. The packaging was a bit problematic when I came to the end - I couldn't get the last bits out as the jar is made from glass and has a thin neck. But I enjoyed it either way. I would repurchase it.

CATRICE Lip Treatment

I got it for my dry lips that felt uncomfortable. It is a heavy balm that does its job well. It also has a light, lovely scent. It reminds me of shea butter. It is also affordable at less than 5€. 
I preferred it to Nuxe. I will repurchase it.

NUXE Reve de Miel Lip Balm

I had high hopes for it as there are just so many hyped reviews out there. 
Sadly I don't like the creamy, gritty texture it has. The scent is also a bit off-putting but I managed to use it all. I have found better products for a similar or cheaper price point so I don't think I'll repurchase it. 

L'OCCITANE Hand Gel Cream Verbena

L'OCCITANE Hand Gel Cream Verbena

This was a really light (gel) cream that did a good job at cooling my hands during hot days. But it's not really useful for colder months. It had a light verbena scent which I liked, but I don't think I'll repurchase it.

AA Hydro Sorbet Cream

This was one of my Project Pan items and I'm glad I finished it. The cream is a bit heavy and even too heavy for mixed skin. It had a slight blue tint and quite a strong scent. I wasn't a fan of it, but I'm glad I'm done with it. I wouldn't repurchase it. 

COSRX Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask

This has to be one of the few COSRX items that I've tried and wasn't excited about.  I disliked the packaging (the inner lid fell into the product a couple of times creating a mess), the scent, the texture. Well, I am not a fan of it. Also, the effect wasn't anything special. I won't repurchase it.

CATRICE Eyebrow Pencil in Date With Ash-ton

This is a lovely cool toned (ash) eyebrow pencil perfect for blondes. The texture is lovely - it glides effortlessly. The biggest downside is that it needs regular sharpening to get the best results. But it's inexpensive and a well-made product. I will definitely repurchase it.

A'PIEU Cleansing Oil 

I love this product. I didn't enjoy it as much when I started using it but later I realized that it's great for me and my skin. It smells slightly of lemon cake (hah) and does a good job at cleaning off my waterproof makeup. That's practically all I need. I will repurchase it.


DEPEND Gel nail polishes

DEPEND Gel nail polishes

I don't think I've ever finished a nail polish. Even less a gel nail polish. But these are only 5ml and well, they weren't hard to finish. I liked the Neon pink as it was perfect for hot Summer days. Both had a great formula and I will definitely repurchase other colours (and the neon one, it was just perfect!).

DEPEND Hybrid topcoat

I used it up as there's only 5ml of it inside the bottle. It also reminded me of Jessica Brilliance topcoat which is my absolute favourite.
I would repurchase it. 

ESSENCE XXL Nail thickener

This was meant to be a nail filler (as in ridge filler) but it managed to dry up in my drawer.
It also didn't work well with my nail chemistry so I wouldn't repurchase it.

I have finished a couple of items more, but I am finishing this post here as it's already too long. :)

Which products caught your attention and why? 

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