Keeping your Brows Neat with the Best Eyebrow Trimmers

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Written by: Meredith Zacharias

You brow hairs are natural and are put there for a purpose, but excessive facial hairs can ruin your facial beauty and become a source of embarrassment. Whether you have a thin or broad eyebrow shape, maintaining a clean line and taming the stray and over-grown hairs is important if you want to have a more refined facial look. With an eyebrow trimmer, you can groom your brows without hefty charges or be going through the painful plucking process.

However, selecting the best brow trimmer for your hair type can be difficult considering the variety available in the market. To help you choose a suitable trimmer for your hair and budget, we have prepared the following guide for you. First, we check on what you need to consider when shopping for a quality trimmer.

Five Important Features to Consider When Selecting the Best Trimmer

  • Brand – There are many companies manufacturing all sorts of eyebrow trimmers but the lead and recommended brands are Wahl, Remington, Philips, Panasonic and Conair (the order is just random). With these, you are sure of getting a product with a known history and at a friendly price.
  • Accessories – Go for a trimmer that comes with at least two combs. The combs will ensure that you don’t trim so deep
  • Blade Quality – You should choose a trimmer that cut your sensitive skin or pull the hair out; this depends on the quality of the blade. Ensure that the trimmer is made of rotary stainless steel blades that will maintain sharpness for a long usage period. The blades should also be able to trim both the upper and lower side of the brows. Hypoallergenic blades are also good, especially for more sensitive skins.
  • Cleaning Features – Trimmers requires frequent cleaning especially after every use which makes it important to select a trimmer that is easy to clean. Some trimmers can be submerged in water and after switching them on they automatically clean themselves. Others come with special cleaning features while some have a vacuum system that gathers the hair into an inbuilt collector. Whichever cleaning features just to make sure it will be possible and easy to keep the trimmer clean.
  • Price and Warranty – A good eyebrow trimmer will cost you around 10 to 25 USD. Anything higher than that is too expensive for a trimmer and it is better to invest and buy Bitcoin with the extra money. You should also check the warrant, though you may never use, a trimmer with 24 to 36 months warrant is an indicator of the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of the product. Some brands also offer 1-2 months money back guarantee so you are assured of getting the value of your money.

Top 5 Recommended Eyebrow Trimmers

Below we have reviewed some of the top brow trimmers from which you can choose one that suits your eyebrow grooming needs.
  1. Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer

A multi-functional trimmer used to remove unwanted eyebrow hairs and other facial hairs. The Panasonic product has various innovative features such as the smooth pivoting head and ten degrees wings which enable flow along the natural eyebrow shape for an accurate trim. It has thin rounded hypoallergenic blades which enable a precise and smooth trimming on the sensitive skin.
The trimmer is also highly portable as it can fit well in your handbag or cosmetic kit and it comes with an extra battery to solve all your power worries. Its wand design fits well in your hands making your trimming task easy and faster.
  1. Wahl Lithium Micro Groomsman Trimmer

This is another multi-purpose trimmer with a compact design that makes it easy to hold when trimming and can be used on both dry and wet hairs perfectly. It is made of anodized aluminium body and comes with trimming heads for a variety of trimming needs. It runs on the AAA lithium battery. It is also easy to clean, quiet and durable.
  1. Remington MPT3600 Precision Trimmer

This innovative trimmer from Remington gives a clean saves and a detailed trimming that will satisfy you. It features two position heads and is easy to handle when trimming. It has stainless steel blades coated with titanium making it safe and durable. The dual blade feature is the winning point of this trimmer making it versatile for a gentle and easy trim. Its pivoting head will give you a clear visibility to achieve a more accurate trim.
  1. Philips Precision Perfect HP6390/51 Facial Hair Precision Trimmer for Women

The AAA battery-powered trimmer comes with a two-length brow shaping comb, a cleaning brush and a travel cap that keeps it safely to prevent it from getting dull. The trimming comb feature helps you to produce a uniform eyebrows size while the precision trim attachment protects the skin while trimming the area below the brows. It also comes in different colours to choose from.
  1. Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies Lithium Ion Precision Trimmer

    This trimmer is powered by AAA battery and comes with 3 head attachments. It also comes with 2 brow combs which makes it easy to trim the eyebrows to a uniform length within a minute. The Conair Sanity Smooth Lithium Ion Precision Trimmer can also be used to trim other facial hairs like the nasal and ear hairs making it a one-fit-all facial trimmer. It offers an easy grip when trimming but it is not ideal for travelling as it can take a bigger space compared to other options. 
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