It's time to check on the Zaful site and see what we can wear these hot Summer days if we love wearing green.

And well, because I do love the green colour, here are some of my favourite picks. There are many of them but simply because it was hard to select just a few.


If you are curious what makes green, green, Wikipedia has you covered:
Green is the color between blue and yellow on the visible spectrum. It is evoked by light which has a dominant wavelength of roughly 495–570 nm. 


I know I love the green colour because it relaxes me (just like looking at the sea does) and I would love to see more people wear green clothing.
Why? Because I think the colour alone makes such a bold statement. It says you're bold because you are willing to wear colours and a carefree spirit.

This summer the biggest hits are super short shorts and crop tops. 
If you're not into short clothes then the button up wide leg pants may do it for you. What do you think?

What would I wear? 

I'm not really into super short things, even if lately I started wearing just those. But I would most probably pick the full swimsuit. I know, boring. But it's green and lovely. 


Or you're just looking for some green styles, like the ones on this page? Click! Then swimsuits with green tones may do for you. Muted greens look really amazing on all skin tones.

My Pick?

My favourite pick from the three swimsuits above are definitely the plaid ones. They remind me of the countryside, a relaxed evening in the sun. I may or not fantasize about enjoying a day in the countryside. 


If you're dreaming about bolder choices, we've got you covered!
A chocker swimsuit, one that's tied at the sides or a snake choker swimsuit? You pick! All three are pretty bold but each in their own way.

My pick?

As I love floral prints, I'd go with the middle swimsuit. It screams "I'm young and free" even if it may not be exactly true. I'd still wear it. 

As you can see, green is a beautiful colour that you can easily incorporate into your Summer wardrobe. 

What would you wear from our picks?

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