12 Ways to Winterize Your Summer Wardrobe

12 Ways to Winterize Your Summer Wardrobe
Written by: Annabelle Short

Living in an area with seasonal slim area means having to own a variety of clothing choices. When summer turns to fall, you have to haul all your shorts and tees to the basement and find all of your
sweaters and fleece. You could easily save a struggle, however, by learning how to winterize your, already unpacked, summer wardrobe. In this article, we're going to list twelve ways that you can do just that.

1. Add Tights to Your Outfit

It's no secret that wearing tights is an easy way to keep your legs warm. Adding tights a great way to add a splash of accent color to even the best outfit. Try adding tights the next time you're wearing fashionable midi dresses or a skirt and your summer outfit will be instantly winterized. 

2. Utilize Layering 

It's hard to dress for the weather during the fall months. It tends to be cold in the morning, with temperatures that go up significantly by the afternoon. The key to creating an outfit in this situation is by layering. Add as many layers as you need for the coolest part of the day, then remove them as the temperatures rises and the day progresses. 

3. Try a Crop Top Under a Cardigan 

There's no need to retire your crop tops once the cold weather sets in. Rather than packing them away for next summer, you should try adding a chic cardigan for warmth. This way you'll be able to wear your favorite crop tops without feeling like you're freezing to death. 

12 Ways to Winterize Your Summer Wardrobe

4. Experiment with Scarves 

Scarves are probably the staple of cold weather fashion. They provide warmth, while also adding a splash of color or texture to an outfit. There are almost countless ways to wear a scarf, so you can change things up as often as you like. 

5. Add a Matching Headband or Earmuffs

It's safe to say that your ears probably get cold in the winter. You can easily remedy this by adding a headband or earmuffs on your way out of the house. You can even match your headband with your scarf if you want to be particularly impressive. 

6. Belts are Your Friend

A belt is a great way to add shape to a bulky winter outfit. With sweaters and wraps, it can be hard to maintain your figure. A simple belt can do this, while also adding an accent to the outfit.

12 Ways to Winterize Your Summer Wardrobe

7. Don't be Afraid to Use Color

Don't feel like you have to limit yourself to grays and black! Color totally has a place in winter fashion. Be liberal with your pairings, and just have fun with it. 

8. Maxi Skirts Definitely Work 

Maxi skirts are a great piece to be added to a cold weather outfit. Their flowy quality is a breath of fresh air compared to the tight, thick clothes typically worn in winter. To pull off the maxi skirt look, simply pair it with a warm sweater and some leggings underneath for warmth. 

9. Don't Put Away Your Cutoffs Just Yet

Cutoff shorts are another summer staple that needn't be put away for winter. If you pair your shorts with a pair of leggings of the same color, you can create a totally unique outfit. It's great for parties or other nights out on the town, or even a lazy night at the movies. 

10. Floral Patterns are Top Notch 

Many people are of the belief that floral patterns should only be worn during the summer. You shouldn't let these people dissuade you from wearing florals in the winter, though. If you pair the outfit with some chunky boots, you'll be able to winterize your outfit with ease. 

11. Try Adding a Thermal Layer 

If you live in a particularly cold area, you know how hard it can be to keep warm in the fall and winter. If you're having trouble keeping warm without a huge parka, consider adding a thermal layer to your outfit. You'll be nice and toasty, without having to sacrifice your outfit in the process. 

12. Consider Adding No-Show Socks to Keep Your Feet Warm

Socks can detract from an outfit if you're wearing sandals. There are a variety of sock styles that do not show under sandals, however. You can find a wear that works with your shoes so you can have both warm feet and cute sandals. 


In this list, we've given you a dozen ways to winterize your summer wardrobe. From scarves to layers, there are a variety of ways to utilize your summer clothes in the cold months. Hopefully, you'll be able to implement some of these to help get you through the drab, chilly winter. 
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