A Year When Everything Changed - Burn, Crash and Cry

A Year When Everything Changed - Burn, Crash and Cry

If for today I thought I'd write a post about all my favorite cosmetics products, I decided to drop it and write a post that is personal. A post that is more me.

I do not wish to live in a "happy fake" world anymore and I do wish to be honest with everyone. Especially myself.

This is why today's' post is dedicated to me. A post in which I talk about what has changed in the last year and what will change in the next year. 

This year I started with a cosmetics favorites post. If you are curious you can check it out here [Favorites of 2016].

But okay, let's move on. Let's see what changed.

What changed about my blog?

  • I posted regularly, at least twice a week. 
  • I collaborated with a bunch of brands (which I'm thankful for).
  • I meet old and new friends and colleagues from the blogging world. 
  • I went to a couple of events. I enjoyed them. 

What changed about my Youtube channel?

  • I posted more than 100 videos. It's been quite a journey.
  • I keep talking and it seems I just won't shut up.
  • I've met a bunch of people who said they love how honest I am on my videos. That gave me motivation. 
  • I've finally set a goal for my YT channel and I will be following it. 
A Year When Everything Changed - Burn, Crash and Cry

What about myself?

  • I've changed. I'm more outgoing (finally finding myself again) and I take less bullshit from everyone. 
  • I decided to take a big leap and do what I've been thinking of doing in the past three years. I've never talked about my personal relationship because it had its ups and downs, but now it's time. I am not and was not happy in it. I'm moving forward. 
  • I'm going back to my roots to find what makes me happy and stop just waiting for things to change. I WILL be the change.  
  • I've been thinking, why should I stay in something that is making me feel deeply sad and isolated when I've been given this life to live and possibly enjoy?


I will still be posting on my blog and Youtube. I think this is what makes me happy and I will keep doing it. But I am not sure where life will take me. I'm ready for the changes that are to come but yet, I am scared sh**less. 

Wish me luck. :) 

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