Essence Made To Sparkle TE

Essence Made To Sparkle

I've been avoiding Essence Trend Editions as nothing really excited me (considering PR photos). 
But once I laid my eyes on the collection Made to Sparkle I changed my mind. 

I wanted to see how good is the liquid lipstick is and what exactly is in the mystery bag full of sequins. 

Essence Made To Sparkle TE

leave a little sparkle wherever you go! in november 2017, the brand essence is continuing to celebrate its 15th birthday with the new trend edition “made to sparkle” – with products for the ultimate glam factor. on board: metallic as well as glittering effects and prism shades to ensure absolutely breathtaking party make-up.

That's a long time to celebrate ones' birthday, isn't it? I know Essence had its 15th birthday back in March 2017. That's well ... quite some time ago. Maybe they plan on celebrating for a whole year? Because if so, that's a hell of a celebration!

But okay, let's see what is in the mystery bag. I was curious and because it was a little over 2,50€ I got it.  

the surprise birthday high- light: a cute surprise product is hidden in a packaging full of glitter sequins.

Essence Made To Sparkle mystery bag

It's a sparkly lip balm. 
I was disappointed, I admit. The balm is beautiful but I wasn't expecting it to be a lip balm. I don't know what I was expecting. 

Essence Made To Sparkle mystery bag

Well, at least it wasn't expensive and I can re-use the sequins as photo props. *needs some reason to keep it*

The balm is okay, nothing too shabby. It reminds me of classic Labello just lighter. Of course, it looks better than a classic Labello (tiny glitter), but I prefer heavier lip balms

Essence Made To Sparkle

The next thing I got is the Velvet Metallic Liquid Lipstick in 02 Get some sparkle on!

the long-lasting liquid lipsticks with a high cover- age in rosé gold and copper unite two big trends that shouldn’t be missing at any party: matt and metallic.

I couldn't swatch the lipstick in store as there were no testers so I googled it. Sadly, the net speed in the store wasn't as good as I wanted it to be and I ended picking "the more wearable one as I have enough reds" color

Essence Made To Sparkle liquid lipstick

When I got home I was in for a surprise. 
The lipstick applies nicely but you need to be precise or you end up with some patchy parts (see my pictures). 

Essence Made To Sparkle liquid lipstick

Once the lipstick dries (it needs about a minute) you are good to go. How do you know when it's dry? It stops being sticky. 

After that, it won't budge. Oily foods make some damage but coffee and snacks won't move it. 

Essence Made To Sparkle liquid lipstick

As much as I love the formula as it is lightweight and doesn't bother me, I think the color is a bit too weird on me. It makes me look a bit dead.

If I'd have to recommend only one product from this TE, I'd say go with the liquid lipstick as it is brilliant!


  1. Res je lepa embalaža ampak moram reči, da bi pričakovala kakšen bolj poseben izdelek v vrečki :) Bi pa jo najbrž tudi sama kupila, če ne bi vedela, kaj je not, saj res izgleda super in bi imela tudi večja pričakovanja :D

    1. Oh ja, tudi jaz bi rekla, da bi notri moral biti kakšen bolj poseben izdelek. Mogoče bleščice za veke, kakšen nor lak za nohte, praktično karkoli kar ni TO.


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